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Why Are American’s Developing Alzheimer’s Disease?

Developing Alzheimers
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False narratives seem to become universally accepted among young, very bright, impressionable people. Welcome to medical training.  Medical schools teach that cancer is a genetic anomaly. Those who financially support medical schools rush to find anti-cancer chemicals believing that these brilliant students are not capable of discerning “the cause.” These same schools teach that depression is caused by low levels of a brain hormone called “serotonin” and decades ago, financial supporters were very quick to chemically adjust those low levels with SSRI’s and other drugs that inhibit normal physiological pathways. Alzheimer’s disease, these impressionable students learn, is caused by a certain kind of brain plaque called “Amyloid.” Imagine the shock these pre-doctors now have as they learn that the presence of brain plaque does not, in fact, cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Find a book for youCommon fungal metabolites can cause the genetic anomalies that lead to, or cause cancer. Every medical student should mandatorily learn this-they don’t.  SSRI antidepressant drugs kill fungus. Does fungus cause depression? Every one of these bright medical students should mandatorily know the answer-they don’t. Scientists have discovered fungus in the brain of Alzheimer’s patients, yet this is not taught in medical schools. This blog is not for medical students nor the pharmaceutical companies that fund medical schools and the information (or misinformation) that these students receive. It is aimed at you, hoping that you better understand why the cause of diseases has yet to be determined, even by the brightest of medical minds. There is far too much money to be made erasing symptoms 4-6 hours at a time, rather than learning the cause of any symptom or disease.

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