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Know the Cause Podcast with Doug Kaufmann

Welcome to a podcast that exclusively talks about mold, mildew, fungus and the symptoms or diseases you might have because of them. Join me on this Know the Cause podcast.

The Fungus Link to Disease in our Culture
How does a known poison in our food supply, our medication and even the air we breathe get totally overlooked as the cause of our symptoms and diseases? I’m Doug Kaufmann and for about 45 years I have studied the fungal component to illness. Join me and learn how mold may be causing your health problems.

Podcast episodes can be seen and listened to on this page with new ones every Saturday. This is an experimental project with only 13 planned episodes. With your help, viewership and willingness to spread this podcast; we may be able continue this endeavor! So please tell your friends and family so we may all know the cause.

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