Alzheimer’s Disease…yet more fuel for the Fungus Link

Alzheimers Disease

In 2015, I reported on the single most powerful paper to have ever been written linking Alzheimer’s Disease (ALZ) to fungus. I called it a “slam dunk,” but the medical community apparently disagreed!  Many other articles confirming this link have been written since this article was published.  One recently published article stated, “Specific fungi in the gut associated with a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease and found in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) can be altered in a beneficial manner by eating a modified Mediterranean diet, researchers at Wake Forest School of Medicine have found.”  The article pointed out that my career hadn’t been for naught. What these Wake Forest researchers have discovered isn’t new, nor do they know what you and I know about why a low carb diet would help ALZ patients. I sat down almost 50 years ago and penned a game plan, including a specialized low carb diet, to assist me in recovering from a nasty infection I acquired during the year I spent in Vietnam. The experimental approach, including a drug called “Nystatin,” a select few supplements that I bought in what was then called a “health market,” and a diet I developed to starve fungi improved my health immensely.

I believe that years before ALZ starts, people with it might initiate their own neurotoxicity. All alcohol is neurotoxin. Penicillin is neurotoxin and penicillin has many pharmaceutical names. The fungus, Fusarium, found in moldy corn is neurotoxic. Imagine the possibilities that exist that may have been prerequisites for developing neurological diseases like ALZ. Carefully study your lifestyle, including the diet and supplements you take today in hopes that tomorrows neurological diseases might be averted by making some simple changes.

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