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Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Is Your Home Making You Sick
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If you are struggling to make progress on health issues even after making significant dietary changes, it may be time to test the quality of air in your home. 

For many people, dealing with symptoms and health problems is a chronic issue. Whether is be allergies, skin problems, brain fog, low energy levels, weight gain, or any other number of health complaints, these are not simply transient issues, but problems that seriously compromise many people’s quality of life for many months or years. Often times, by the time someone finds Know The Cause, they have been searching for answers for some time, have been from doctor to doctor without concrete answers, and tried every approach imaginable to find relief. 

For many, beginning The Kaufmann Diet and anti-fungal program means finally finding relief from symptoms that have plagued them for years. However, often times people report feeling much worse immediately after beginning the diet than they did before, which is ironically a good sign; it means that internal yeast and/or fungi that may have been causing you health problems for so long are finally being starved and eliminated. This brief period, known as a Herxheimer reaction, is a sign you are on the right track and should see improvement soon. 

But for a select few, this reaction, or improvement in systems doesn’t arrive, even after a strict period of time on the diet.

If this describes you, it might be beneficial to test your home for mold. 

Indoor air quality is an often overlooked exposure which can have serious consequences for our health. There are any number of contaminants which can pollute indoor air, from VOCs inherent in new paints, to off-gassing chemical smells from furniture, to even things like radon which can seep through cracks in foundation, paving the way for cancer. Some of these issues are obvious because of their inherent smells, but some are more difficult to detect until it is too late. And of course, one of these contaminants is mold. 

It is not uncommon to see mold in homes––particularly around air vents, in bathrooms, or underneath sinks. Even these small areas of mold growth should always be carefully cleaned and kept dry. However, sometimes these can be a sign of a bigger problem. Particularly if you have ever had leaks, floods, or water damage of any kind, mold can form in places where you can’t see it, such as behind drywall or underneath carpet. If left unchecked, aerosolized mold particles can contaminate the air, cause health problems in those who occupy the space, making a space unfit for living or working. 

If you have struggled to recover from health problems despite making profound dietary and lifestyle changes, it may be time to test the air in your home. Some spaces may require full remediation, while others might simply require some simple cleaning and maintenance to ensure mold does not return. 

Steps To Take

You can help protect your home from mold contamination in a few ways:

Airflow is Your Friend

When possible, open windows or doors to allow fresh air inside. Use fans and keep all spaces well-ventilated as much as possible. Stagnant air can help mold form. 


Proper HVAC can help control the humidity in indoor spaces, making it less friendly to mold colonization, and standalone dehumidifier units can be beneficial for specific spaces. 

Clean Up Any Moisture

If you have leaky pipes, get them fixed. If water spills, clean it up and dry any affected area. Do not let moisture soak into drywall or carpet. 

Clean Visible Mold

Do not let mold collect in showers, or near vents. Clean any visible mold thoroughly and carefully. Natural mold killers can be useful for this, or diluted bleach can be used in serious circumstances. Always wear gloves and follow safety instructions. 

Test Your Air

Regularly testing your indoor air quality is a good way to make sure your living and work spaces are safe to inhabit and not contributing to poor health. 

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