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Anti-inflammatory Supplements

Anti-Inflammatory Supplements
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Diet is key for fighting inflammation, but some key Anti-inflammatory Supplements may help also.

Inflammation is known to be implicated in a variety of health problems, and we know that diet can play a significant role in its prevalence, or its absence. Like with many aspects of health, we know that diet is likely one of the most critical aspects for attaining and maintaining the highest level of health. In other words, if your diet is not on point, it is likely going to be more difficult to deal with the kind of low-level, chronic inflammation that we know is responsible for damaging our health. 

In addition to diet, however, there are some supplements that might beneficial for reducing inflammation within the body, and these may be very good for adding into your diet. 

Among the interesting things about inflammation is that we know fungi and their poisons can play a role in it’s presence in the body. Fungi are known to elevate levels of CRP––a marker for inflammation within the body. 

Also of interest, all of these supplements listed below posses potent anti-fungal properties in addition to their anti-inflammatory properties. Are the anti-fungal properties what ultimately create the anti-inflammatory benefits? Perhaps, but regardless, all of these supplements are worth working into your regimen. 

Fish Oil

Fish oil provides numerous benefits for the heart and circulatory system, brain and skin, but among those benefits is that it is highly anti-inflammatory. Fish oil is thought to provide some relief from pain associated with maladies like arthritis, degenerative disc disease and more.  More on Fish Oil can be read here


Turmeric is everyone’s favorite spice for it’s myriad of benefits, including benefits against cancer. Curcumin is the active component in turmeric, and it is known to be potently anti-inflammatory. It is ideal to find turmeric supplements that include black pepper extract, which aids in its absorption. More on Turmeric can be read here


Ginger is good for a number of things, including upset stomachs, but you should consider using ginger for more than just stomach problems. Similar to turmeric, ginger possesses many anti-inflammatory properties that may be beneficial against a myriad of diseases. More on Ginger can be read here


This potent anti-oxidant found in grape skins and blueberries has been shown to lower inflammatory markers associated with heart disease, diabetes and stomach problems. 


Aside from its cameo in the Bible as one of the gifts given to a newborn Jesus, frankincense has been shown to lower inflammation and fight associated pain. Frankincense may be particularly effective when combined with curcumin. 


Capsaicin is what gives hot peppers their heat, but it is highly anti-inflammatory and has benefits for people who suffer from pain. Capsaicin is useful for topical applications when muscles beneath have aches and pains––it absorbs through the skin, and there are many topical products containing capsaicin that work towards that end. 

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