Doctors get an “F” on treating chronic sinusitis

Chronic Sinusitis

My teachers always laid our test results on our desks, face down! Thank God! I’ll never forget my first test in Algebra 101. It was so convoluted and confusing to me and although I thought I understood it better, I clearly didn’t. My first algebra test result was a 19%. Of course, this represented an “F” grade. Could that be correct? Could she have laid it face down and upside down…and this is really a 91%? It wasn’t, but I was a disinterested child who never excelled in math anyways, so what did it matter? Life would teach me otherwise as math is important. But they are physicians and an “F” should never be tolerated by we, their patients. Yet a 19% is exactly what was recently handed to them. 

How did they get their “F?” 

Do you recall my teaching you that 1999 report on Science Daily referred to a Mayo Clinic research paper that concluded that most all chronic sinusitis infections are fungal in nature and not bacterial? Now comes a new medical report on  that states that 20 years later the wrong drugs are being prescribed to chronic sinusitis sufferers 81% of the time! Apparently, only 19% of chronic sinusitis sufferers are receiving the proper antifungal drugs for their condition!

I must remind you that you are the other adult in the exam room, and you have every right to question everything that is done in that room, including being handed a wrong prescription. Because of the sometimes-deadly consequences of taking the wrong prescription drug, the onus is on you to fully study why that drug was prescribed and the side effects that are associated with it. This isn’t 1955, when few drugs were even available, and trust was a given inside a doctor’s office. I believe that it is important that you trust your doctor, but verify every aspect of the exam and prescription writing, as though your health and your life depended upon it! 

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