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Why Most Weight Loss Strategies Do Not Work

Weight Loss Strategies
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You have tried every diet and strategy imaginable. None of them have worked. What distinguishes The Kaufmann Diet from other weight loss strategies?

Most people equate dieting with weight loss, and while healthy dieting has many utilities beyond just weight loss, given the rampancy of obesity in the United States alone, it is no wonder that people frequently use diet to achieve that particular end. The problem then becomes, how do I change my diet? What weight loss strategies are out there?

There is no shortage of information abounding about what constitutes a healthy diet. Much of it is good information, backed by research. Much of it is not. Regardless, many desperate people believe––and ultimately try––any number of dieting techniques, and if you aren’t careful, these techniques can be disappointing at best and unhealthy at worst. Worst of all, most diets do not work, either in the short term or the long term, to achieve lasting weight loss, and there are a number of reasons why most weight loss strategies do not work. 

Extreme & Crash Dieting

When people are desperate to lose weight, they often resort to extreme measures to do so. Often this involves extremely restrictive diets that severely limit calorie intake. The problem is, when you restrict calories to an extreme degree, not only might you experience fatigue and lack of energy, but your metabolism slows down and you burn fat much slower than you would otherwise. The shelf life on extreme calorie restriction is invariable short, because most people do not do well in starvation mode. You are doing yourself multiple disservices; not only are you not losing weight, you are going to be miserable, and any weight you do lose will come back when you invariably gorge yourself. It is both unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

Diet As Merely A Phase

Most people approach dieting with the idea that they will eat a healthy diet for a period of time in order to lose weight, then resort back to old ways of eating. This creates what’s known as “yo-yo” dieting, where weight loss isn’t sustainable, because new, healthy habits are never actually created. You cannot continue to return to the habits that facilitated weight gain to begin with. 

Lack Of A Clear Plan

Dietary change is one of the most difficult habits to reform. Without a clear-cut plan, most people simply resort to how they are accustom to eating, habits that facilitated weight gain to begin with. 

Is There Another Unknown Factor?

There are many diets, and many diets can be effective, but few diets address another concern that might be contributing to weight gain: yeast and fungi. While the idea that yeast and fungi might make you fat seems far fetched, there are a couple factors to consider. It is well-known that restricting carbohydrate intake goes a long way towards helping people lose weight. An anti-fungal diet is inherently low-carb, because yeasts love sugar. It seems as though when you kill yeasts and fungi, people naturally lose weight. Often, people with a yeast problem crave foods like breads, pasta, sugar and sweet foods. Is it a coincidence that these foods are often the foods that make people gain weight?

Antibiotics are known to promote weight gain. They are also fungal metabolites, or mycotoxins. Certain mycotoxins, too, are known to affect hormones, which can influence weight gain, and there is evidence that many of these poisons are inherent in parts of our food supply, such as corn, grains, sugar, peanuts and soy. 

What Distinguishes the Kaufmann Diet Different

The Kaufmann Diet can be thought of more as lifestyle than a diet. It is meant to be a diet that can be followed indefinitely with relative ease. There are no restrictions on calories per se, only limitations on what foods can be enjoyed. Despite that, a wide variety of healthy foods are available to you, and when most people experience how good they feel while on the diet, they rarely want to revert to their old ways of eating. 

While the Kaufmann Diet is similar to other low-carbohydrate diets, it address they one thing nearly all other diets neglect: the role yeast and fungi play in poor health. It seems as though when people focus on starving yeasts and avoiding foods they often infest, they naturally lose weight and feel much better. You are limiting your exposure to foods that fungi love the most (carbohydrates and sugar) and foods that contain potentially hormone disrupting mycotoxins. 

The Fungus link to weight lossMaking any dietary change is difficult, and switching to the Kaufmann Diet is no exception. Furthermore, many people feel somewhat worse for the first week, a reaction known as a Herxheimer reaction. However, within a week, most people feel better than they’ve ever felt and experience seemingly effortless, rapid weight loss. For more information linking yeast and fungi to weight gain, please study our book, The Fungus Link to Weight Loss.


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