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The Fungus Link to Weight Loss

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Stop being puzzled by weight loss, and stop spending thousands of dollars on pills, potions and popular weight loss equipment. Order The Fungus Link To Weight Loss and see how simple it can be to shed unwanted weight.

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Nearly 70% of Americans are overweight or obese, yet none of the official or conventional recommendations for overcoming weight gain have reversed the trend. In fact, the problem is getting worse! Could it be that all the calorie counting, fat phobia, crash dieting, and “miracle supplements” are making the problem worse? What if the solution was incredibly simple? Enter The Fungus Link To Weight Loss.

Did you know that when strength athletes are required to reduce down to a specific weight, they almost always follow the same specific diet recommendations? And guess what? It’s not low-fat!

What most don’t realize is that those cutting diets also reduce the amount of fungal exposure many are accustom to when eating the the Standard American Diet. Could it be that the issue has more to do with fungus than it does with calories and fat? Doug Kaufmann thinks so. Learn what this diet is, and discover why it is so universally accepted by weight-class athletes as the standard for trimming body fat.

Did you know that the very things farmers use to fatten their livestock can also cause us to gain weight, as well? Learn what these are and how to avoid them. It may be shocking when you discover the little-known scientific facts about weight gain, fat accumulation, calories, and fungus. It will change your whole perspective about why the American public gets heavier and heavier, and why this need not happen to you. Incredibly practical, The Fungus Link To Weight Loss will be your companion on your journey to perfect weight. And as always, Doug Kaufmann’s Kaufmann 1 Diet, Fungal Quotient at-home questionnaire, supplement discussions and recipes are included.

Stop being puzzled by weight loss, and stop spending thousands of dollars on pills, potions and popular weight loss equipment. Order The Fungus Link To Weight Loss and see how simple it can be to shed unwanted weight.

9 reviews for The Fungus Link to Weight Loss

  1. Gladys

    Here’s a book everyone should read. Very helpful. I especially liked the list of antifungal foods, and the sample meals for the week. The entire book is well worth reading.

  2. Cynthia Mach

    FINALLY DISCOVERED WHY I AM HUNGRY ALL THE TIME! I have done a lot of research lately to help me improve my eating habits. I am always careful about what I eat because of all my allergies (food, airborn, and chemicals). But over the years my weight has crept up and up. I eat a lot less than I used to. But at my age,70, my physical activity has diminished. It is so good to finally figure out why I am always hungry. Your books are informative and the recipes are great. I don’t understand one thing. Yogurt is cultured. Why would this be on the Kaufman diet?

  3. Val

    A wealth of information. I do believe everything Doug says about fungus. It just makes sense. I wish doctors were more inclined to healing people than making money. Just by not eating potatoes, bread, sugar & flour, I lost 10 pounds in the first 2 1/2 weeks. I did not but the book for weight loss specifically, just to be healthy. I am not hungry when eating the food on the Kaufmann 1 Diet. It is a little expensive to buy the different kinds of flour, sweeteners, etc. I find if I just eat whole foods it is much less expensive. Also, very difficult to eat out anywhere as I am often working away from home. Planning ahead is the key.

  4. Stephanie

    Amazing Information at your finger tips! My son is having terrible stomach issues. With all the “Professionals giving him their two cents and telling him that he can still eat whatever he wants” And I am on the Mother end telling Him I don’t think so. I am enlightening professionals that what you eat can hurt you!!. Our BIG appointment is this Monday in Denver to see a Pediatric GI.THIS BOOK IS GOING WITH US!! I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR ANSERS. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS INFORMATION IN SUCH A CONVENIENT SIZE.

  5. Unknown

    This book gave me a starting place to improve my health. The writing was simple, ingaging and educational. I wanted to finish this book. I believe that it is valid and has caused a change in my thoughts of fungus impairing good health.

  6. Vicki Gring

    Wonderful book! I really like your program and I believe what you say about fungus and mold. It is what is wrong with me . I worked in a school that was so full of mold. I have been very sick with so many sinus infections. I am going to try Kaufmann 1 diet. thank you so much for all of this information. This is going to be the beginning of feeling better.

  7. Gloria S Chavez

    My Second Bible! I love this recipe book. I will keep this in my kitchen close by, just as I keep my Bible close by in my living room. I am a single woman and just didn’t like cooking for myself on a daily basis, consequently I would reach for anything that would fill the “void” but never felt satiated, so I would grab junk food that left me miserable and still wanting something more. Now, using the delicious recipes in Cooking Your Way to Good Health, I prepare and cook three times a week! I am never hungry, always pleased and becoming healthier by the day! Compliments to the chefs and creators of this wonderful cookbook!

  8. Janet

    I love sugar, but I plan on following the Kaufmann 1 diet starting in Lent and hopefully it will become a good habit for a good future.

  9. Deloris Earles

    I have a Fungus Link book it is your first one, have used so much, so wanted a up dated one, real pleased with this new one, I am 77 years young and have watched & read Doug’s books for years & my husband’s & my health are great, take no drugs of any kind and or any shots, my husband is 79, try to do the Kaufmann 1 & Kaufmann 2 once a year or more and eat as close as we can to what it says, do a Liver flush once a year also, thanks so much Doug for all you have done for our health, also get Dr. Becker’s news letter every mouth. Thanks again!!

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