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The Kaufmann Diet Guide – Eating The Right Foods To Feel Great

(15 customer reviews)

The Kaufmann Diet Guide is the third recipe book offered by Doug Kaufmann, host of the acclaimed television series Know the Cause and author of the Fungus Link book series.

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With this latest cookbook comes a fresh batch of new Kaufmann Diet-friendly recipes. The book also features resources and tips on healthy living in the kitchen, fresh food lists, pantry lists, tips on sticking to the diet and ideas on how to convert your favorite recipes to Kaufmann Diet-friendly variations. In the book, you will find 104 delicious recipes for:

    • Breakfasts
    • Drinks and Smoothies
    • Snacks and Appetizers
    • Salad Dressings and Sauces
    • Salads
    • Soups
    • Main Courses
    • Side Dishes
    • Even Kaufmann Diet–approved Desserts!

This latest cookbook from Doug Kaufmann features the most recent updates to the Kaufmann 1 and 2 Diets, Doug Kaufmann’s acclaimed antifungal eating regimen. These diets were designed with the intent of starving pathogenic yeasts and fungi that can infect the body and cause illness, while simultaneously eliminating the foods that are common in many people’s diets that are often contaminated with mold poisons (known as mycotoxins). The Kaufmann Diets are also nutritious eating plans which promote health and vitality and can be followed for a lifetime. All recipes within the cookbook fit within The Kaufmann Diet framework and can be enjoyed guilt-free. With this latest cookbook, learn how you can not only live vibrantly, but deliciously as well. If you are new to the Kaufmann Diet Start Here.

15 reviews for The Kaufmann Diet Guide – Eating The Right Foods To Feel Great

  1. Susan Scarleski

    Lots of good detailed information on how to stay healthy as we age!!! I have been wondering about the Kaufmann 1 diet and how it works, and this book has answered many of my questions/concerns. I have eliminated many foods from my diet based on recommendations from Doug Kaufmann and I feel really great just eliminating those foods. I look forward to following the diet more intensively. Thanks for writing the book, Doug!

  2. Janet G Carey

    I love how the recipes are written somewhat in conversational format. The recipes are clear and concise and yet have little insights that are helpful. I’ve already made the parmesan and yogurt coated chicken and it was really, really good! Tasted sinful and reheated well too!

  3. Joanne Larson

    Good Information! I like all the additional information in the front of the book. Its well done but needed more simple recipes for older seniors who live alone. I’ve followed Doug’s diet plan for the last 6 years and he has it right. I enjoy watching your show here in AZ….

  4. Emily Thomas


  5. Mayda Rieche

    I love my book, it have a Beautiful cover very colorful that invete you yo star cooking right away, it give you a very nice introduction and at the same times it teach you about food, ingredients and very easy to follow instructions. I recomend everyone to buy it. Thank you Doug for Autographs my book.

  6. Gigi

    This recipe book is very appealing to anyone willing to clean up their eating habits. The recipes are easy to follow and pretty simple to make. Doug and his team hit the ball out of the park! Congrats on another successful book. Keep them coming.

  7. ND

    Love Your New Cookbook! Just received it yesterday and have spent a couple hours with it. It’s beautiful! Can’t wait to try the Everyday Bread. It’s food for life! The way it should be. Thanks for all you folks do. Thanks also for using quality paper and ink. And the spiral binding – nice.

  8. David Frisk

    My 6th book. We bought 5 other books years ago,so it’s about time we purchased a new book. Easy to read and understand, even if you are new to the antifungal program. Lots of great recipes, some of which we’ve already tried, getting them off the website, but it’s great to have them printed out in a binding that will stay open while you’re cooking. Thanks for all your hard work.

  9. Unknown

    It starts off with a list of foods to avoid and then a list of foods to keep on hand. Very well organized. Lots of good, simple recipes. It is very easy reading with valuable information. I’m glad I have it to refer to daily.

  10. Patty S.

    Buy this book, follow it and YOU will feel great! This book is a home run for those wanting to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Kaufmann 1 & 2 diets are so doable using the food and pantry lists and the easy to follow recipes. Once again, Doug has given us the information and encouragement to live and feel better.

  11. Barb Wohlbrandt

    I enjoy the book. Just wish there were more recipes for beverages, smoothies, and desserts.

  12. Cyndi McGonigal

    Doug Kaufman hit the bullseye with his newest book “Eating the right foods to feel great”. It defines the Kaufman I & 2 diets, the theory behind the diets, and gives great easy recipes to enjoy and be successful. I can’t wait to share with friends and family. Thank you Doug.

  13. Laura F.

    So excited to use this book! I have every single one of Doug’s books. This is gonna add to my collection. Recipes are great and easy to follow. Thank you Doug for educating me on fungus. My health issues are improving because of your diet. May God continue to bless you and the rest of the Know the Cause family.

  14. Phyllis Anthony

    Great New Book for Kaufmann Diet. Written in easy to read and understand format. I appreciate the new recipes and the updated food lists and information for the Diet plans. I have read it and am excited to start preparing the new recipes.

  15. Susan Hopper

    BEST BOOK EVER !! Received “Eating The Right Foods To Feel Great”. I am amazed at the recipes and info in this book. I have the other recipe books, but this is the best one ever ! I have been watching Know The Cause for 10 years and I so appreciate Doug Kaufmann and his dedication to helping people to better health.

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