Think before you drink please!

Think before you drink

Think before you drink

One in five of we adults’ experience harm because of someone else’s alcohol drinking. So says a study done last year (1). Making the study even more interesting are these two facts; first, more than half of heavy drinking men and women stated that they were the victims of someone else’s drinking. You’d think they would learn from this and stop drinking. Second, this was a study done before our alcohol consumption began increasing as Covid19 showed its ugly head. Its time to think before you drink!

Honestly, most of you know that I used and likely abused alcohol upon returning home from Vietnam in 1971. It did calm my nerves, but I also know that it caused me to behave in a way that today I regret. I was one of those drinkers mentioned above who believed that the benefit I derived out of drinking alcohol was greater than any perceived harm I was doing. I was wrong.

While preparing a to lecture to a large group of physicians on the role of fungal poisons (mycotoxins) and serious illness some years ago, I couldn’t avoid the inevitable; that the more mycotoxin contaminated our grains and fruit supplies were, the more valuable it became to the alcohol industry. Back then I was guilty of asking you to do as I said, and not as I did. While preparing my graphics for that presentation, I learned how absolutely dangerous alcohol consumption was for me and swore off of alcohol forever.

This article concludes with the statement,

Control policies, such as alcohol pricing, taxation, reduced availability, and restricting advertising, may be the most effective ways to reduce not only alcohol consumption but also alcohol’s harm to persons other than the drinker.”

I disagree.  In my youth, I behaved wrongfully and hurt other people when drinking alcohol. IT had nothing to do with the cost or advertising which was as widespread as pharmaceutical drug advertising today. But during my research I discovered how many symptoms and diseases were directly linked to the consumption of “liquid mycotoxins.” Unfortunately, many authors who correctly expound upon the dangers of alcohol, have no idea why alcohol injures the consumer, those around him/her, nor why it leads to a shortened lifespan (2).  But now you “know the cause.”  Call alcohol what you might, it is directly consuming neurotoxic fungal poisons. Think before you drink. Stopping alcohol consumption was one of the best things I’ve ever done!


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