Who Will Take The COVID-19 Vaccine?

Covid-19 Vaccine

In July 2020, the medical website, medpagetoday.com asked the question, “Who’s First to Get COVID-19 Vaccine?” More than 1600 medical personnel voted.  Amazingly, only 60% said that they would take the vaccine first.  40% said they would not get the vaccine first. A different medical website, medscape.com then asked their doctor readers how effective they believed the impending COVID-19 vaccine would be. 3% stated that they felt the vaccine would be very effective. 5% stated that the vaccine would not at all be effective. Only 6% of the voters stated that they would have no concerns about risks that the vaccine might have, while 92% of voters stated that they were concerned about 3 aspects of the vaccine;

1. Concern that the adverse effects of the vaccine outweighed the risk for COVID-19 infection,

2. The vaccines lack of effectiveness

3. The quality of the vaccine itself

The medical community has spoken and if they are this concerned, shouldn’t you be?

I am a Vietnam Veteran and as such have already proven that I will do what is necessary to protect the great people of America. Yes, if this COVID-19 vaccine can prove to me to be very safe and very effective, I would take it for the exact reason that I currently wear a mask in stores; to protect you. Given my COVID-19 beliefs, I would not take the vaccine to protect me. For the past decade, the common flu shot has run between 19-60% effective, why should we expect more from this new vaccine?

Now we have vaccine companies reporting that their vaccines are 90-95% effective. The important question is how sensitive and specific they are, not how effective they are. This data has yet to be highlighted.  My body, my choice? Time will tell.

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