Antifungals against COVID-19

Antifungals Against Covid-19

A recent report by Medpage Today (1) states that Colchicine is showing promise in treating COVID-19 patients.  Of course, the drug, Colchicine has been successfully used for decades to treat gout.

Colchicine is derived from a toxic flowering plant, Autumn Crocus plant whose chemical components (colchiceine) give the medication its name.  In its raw plant form colchicine has powerful antifungal properties and some of these plant chemicals actually killed both fungal cells and cancer cells (2).

I bring all of this to your attention for the following reason. I believe and have been very vocal that there is a fungal component to both COVID-19 and cancer. This and the fact that cinchona back extract (hydroxychloroquine), and several natural antifungal supplements like zinc and vitamin D3 have also proven useful in treating COVID-19, demonstrates to me that what is being referred to as a “virus,” may have genetically mutated into a hybrid organism, including both viral and fungal nucleic acids (DNA+RNA). They may never know why this “bat virus” behaved so mysteriously, but if there is a fungal component to it, you now understand why safe supplements and medications used to treat what I perceive to be fungal diseases are proving to be beneficial to those suffering from COVID-19. The list of COVID-19,20,21,22,23, etc… antifungal drugs and supplement that offer hope, might continue expanding until one day some very bright physician declares, “it’s a fungus!”


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