Your Anti-Stress Protocol

Anti-Stress Protocol

Stress has long been suspected of contributing to poor health, but increasingly, the evidence in the medical literature confirms this to be true. When our bodies are stressed, particularly at low levels over a long time, a cascade of chemicals our body produces naturally to deal with stress can create conditions in the body that promote poor health and subsequently disease. We have some anti-stress protocol steps listed below.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, we are bombarded with low-level, acute stressors; things like driving in traffic, being on deadlines at work, or the stress related to a constant 24 hour news cycle that rarely reports anything good. While these stressors might seem insignificant, there is mounting evidence that these low-level stressors can have significant, long-term effects. 

If we want to promote health and well-being, we have to address the stress in our life. This should be an important part of your Kaufmann Lifestyle; while it is not talked about the way diet, supplementation or exercise might be, it is becoming increasingly obvious that stress reduction is an important part of any heathy lifestyle. 

Obviously, it is impossible to completely eliminate stressors in our day to day life. What we can do is employ strategies that help deal with the stress we do have, and work to eliminate the stressors that are possible to eliminate. 

Anti-Stress Protocol Action Steps:

Take Time Regularly, And Be Grateful.

Taking time each day to be quiet, meditate, or pray can help cultivate mindfulness about your emotions and has repeatedly been shown to lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Quiet times should be a regular habit like exercise. 

Turn Off Your Device For A While.

Increasingly, we are glued to our devices, which beam a constant 24 hour news cycle and social media updates directly into our brain at all time. Instead, spend some device-free time outside, or with family or friends. Particularly at night, devices should be put away as they can interfere with sleep.

Focus On Eliminating Stressors.

This might seem difficult, but similar to how changing your diet or developing an exercise regimen requires effort that is worth making, so does eliminating stress in your life. This may mean cutting out toxic relationships, decluttering your schedule, changing jobs, or moving closer to your job to avoid a stressful commute. Anything worth doing should be a priority, and identifying and eliminating stress is no exception. 


Regular exercise has been shown to lower stress, among the legion of other health benefits it provides. Exercise is simply something we all must do if we are to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. 

Try Some Anti-Stress Supplementation.

There are certain supplements that are thought to help with stress in the context of a holistic approach. These include supplements like magnesium, rhodiola rosea, beta sitosterol, magnolia bark, melatonin, ashwanganda, L-theanine and valerian root. Always consult your doctor before beginning any sort of supplement regimen. 

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