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How To Plan A Week On The Kaufmann Diet

How To Plan A Week On The Kaufmann Diet
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Making a plan is important when you are on any diet. Learn some tips on how to plan a week on The Kaufmann Diet. Breaking any bad habit is difficult, and the same is true for forming good, new habits. In the case of changing your diet to benefit your health, you are essentially doing both at once. While you are trying to break addictions to unhealthy foods that have perhaps led to compromised health, you are trying to form new, healthy eating habits. This is tough even for the most strong-willed people!

One of the quickest ways to fail on any diet is to jump in without a plan. Planning your weeks while you are on The Kaufmann Diet is beneficial for a number of reasons: 

One, by thinking ahead, you will ensure that you always have nutritious food when you are hungry. 

Second, by planning, you can maximize the efficiency of your budget. While eating healthy does not necessarily have to be expensive, nobody wants to waste money on food that goes bad before you decide to eat it, nor is it cheap to get take out for lack of a plan about what is for dinner. 

Finally, by making a plan, you make the transition from eating the standard American diet to The Kaufmann Diet considerably easier. People are encouraged to spend at least 4-6 weeks on the diet. Often, people initially feel much worse, as pathogenic yeasts and fungi begin to be starved and die off––a reaction known as Herxheimer reaction. But after around a month, many people report effortless weight loss and feeling better than they ever have. 

You may find that your new planning habit makes forming your new eating habit more effortless than it has ever been. 

Here are some tips on how to plan a week on The Kaufmann Diet. 

Make A Week’s Menu In Advance

Make a menu for the entire week, including meals and snacks (if necessary). This is likely easier than you think; many people often eat the same thing every day during the week for breakfast, and many people pack lunches during the work and school days. Quickly writing down what you plan to eat gives you something to look forward to and a makes it easy to stay within your diet framework. 

Plan Your Grocery Trips

Now that you know what you are going to eat every day, you can plan your trips to the grocery store more efficiently, only buying the fresh produce that you need and easily keeping the freezer and pantry stocked with necessary items. 

Food Prep

Food prep is an important part of planning. This might mean investing in food storage containers for the fridge or pantry, but after that initial investment, having food prepared in advance is time-saver, a money-saver and a good way to ensure you stick to your diet. Food prepping could mean preparing fruit, nut and yogurt parfaits in advance for breakfast or having lettuce, veggies and meat cut up and ready to throw into a salad for lunches during the week. Food prepping will limit the time you are forced to spend in the kitchen during the busy parts of the week. 

Cook In Bulk

This is particularly easy when you are grilling meat, making soups, or roasting vegetables. Cooking more than you are going to eat ensures you have delicious, healthy food to repurpose for other meals later on in the week. Cook extra chicken breasts to slice up for salads, or cook enough of a healthy soup to have a convenient side with dinner for the week. 

Focus On Convenience 

One of the biggest reasons people fail when trying to change their diet is that when they are hungry, they reach for the most convenient thing they can find. Invariably, this winds up being sugary snacks or fast food––very rarely is it something that is on The Kaufmann Diet. Focus on keeping foods around you that are on your diet. Snacks like nuts, single serving yogurt or berries or green apples are convenient and easy to keep on hand. If you make healthy food conveniently available, you have less reason to fall off your diet.

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