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The Gut-COVID-19 Link

Long Covid
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I’m certain that these Chinese researchers found their results compelling (1) , but we already knew this, didn’t we?  As it turns out most of our immune system is in our gut.  They didn’t know this when antibiotics were introduced in the late 1940’s, but they thought that might be the case.  Recall that the new antifungal drug at the time, Nystatin, was cleaved onto the antibiotics, so the damage done in killing off the gut good bacterial inhabitants wouldn’t leave the patients with horrible side effects.  Who made the decision to separate Nystatin from the antibiotics, or why that decision was even made, one can only speculate.

This article was more of a sales-pitch than a research paper, because the long-COVID symptoms improved while taking a proprietary probiotic called “SIM01” for 6 months. It did help the majority of the patients, however,

I believe that the terrain of the intestines requires more than just a good probiotic.  One must be careful of what is eaten while on probiotic therapy.  Restoring the gut often requires a lower carbohydrate diet in addition to a good probiotic.

As Pathologists continue to autopsy COVID patients, more and more are identified.  Most all hospitalized COVID patients are on antibiotics but are not on Nystatin nor probiotics.

For many years, scientists have known that everything from depression to gout has much to do with the gut terrain.  One day, I predict they will learn that the reason the gut is so intimately involved in so many symptoms/diseases is because their antibiotics initiated adverse gut terrain conditions that then prompted a craving for carbohydrates. These fuel fungal growth.  It is fashionable today for the medical community to implicate poor dietary choices as the reason behind our many gut terrain problems, but I think we can trace carb additions all the way back to antibiotics given to us at a very young age.  Fix the gut now with a probiotic that offers prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic benefits, like Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, and you may not have to be concerned about the plethora of health problems associated with the many rounds of antibiotics that we are handed today.


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