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Strategies For A Healthy Labor Day Weekend

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Don’t Wing It During The Holidays!

There are three schools of thought when it comes to keeping up with your health commitments during the holidays:

1). Give yourself a break, and just enjoy a day or two of loosening up your health plans.
2). Wing it. Try to exercise willpower when resisting all of the goodies friends and family lay out in front of you, while you feverishly look for healthy alternatives on the fly.
3). Prepare. 

If you give yourself a break on purpose, that’s up to you. If you wing it, though, you’re guaranteed to fail. 
If you’re intending to keep up with the diet, but still have (healthy) treats during the festivities this weekend, the only way to do it well is to prepare ahead of time.

Our Labor Day Survival Guide is here to help. 

How about some unbelievable Layered Salad, delicious Buttermilk Chicken, along with fruity “mocktails“, and Pecan Bars? You won’t miss out on any of the fun or flavor, but it’ll be guilt-free.

As I will share in a future article, “Strategy Always Trumps Willpower” 

What I mean is that instead of trying to figure out how to avoid all the treats you could be having when you let your hair down during a holiday, just plan ahead a little bit and decide what you’re going to do to keep up with the Kaufmann Diet. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to do this. It used to be that you were stuck with a Ziplock bag full of celery sticks and carrots while everyone else enjoyed something…well, good.

Trust me, though; you won’t miss a thing with our Survival Guide recipes.  

So take a little time to think through which of these recipes – or any recipes in our books – work best for you this weekend. And don’t forget the Essential Oils Insect Repellant to keep the bug bites at bay.

Here’s to enjoying the holiday guilt-free, courtesy of Know The Cause!  – Kyle Drew

Enjoy this Labor Day without compromising your health goals. It’s easy to keep your commitments with the tips, tools, and motivation found in our Labor Day Strategy Guide. Have a great holiday weekend from Doug and the Know The Cause team!

Basil Mocktail

mocktail-drink-720px Unbelievable! This alcohol-free “mocktail” has been a hit all summer long. Treat your friends to the perfect party drink for holidays – or anytime!



Grilled Mock Buttermilk Chicken

With the right mix of yogurt, herbs, and spices, this will be the chicken recipe your family will want again and again. Zesty, yet creamy, you’ll be surprised when you try this Kaufmann favorite.



Layered Salad

layered-salad-554 With the right mix of yogurt, herbs, and spices, this will be the chicken recipe your family will want again and again. Zesty, yet creamy, you’ll be surprised when you try this Kaufmann favorite.



Pecan Bars

Pecan Bar Recipe These Easy Pecan Bars are rich and delicious; they make A great dessert everyone will love, including your pickiest eaters. The best part is…. THEY’RE GUILT-FREE!



Essential Oil Insect Repellant

Natural Insect Repellent Bug bites can be annoying, but also dangerous. But some of the ingredients in commercial Insect repellents have their own worrisome side effects. Take 5 minutes to mix up our Worry-free, side effect-free insect repellant, made with natural witch hazel and a mix of powerful essential oils. Works great and smells great, too!


We would love to hear your favorite tips and recipes too! Share yours in the comments section below!



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