Manly Meals

Why is it that so many guys consider salads, even salads with meat in them, “rabbit food”, and meat and potatoes “real food?” With so many main dish salad recipes, I could eat salad for dinner every night, especially as the weather warms. But not my man!

I think a few different things come into play. First, he wants his dinner hot. And having grown up eating meals that almost always contained a starch, a dinner without one can feel to him like somethings missing.

Mashed cauliflower is one idea to replace mashed potatoes, especially if there is some type of gravy or sauce to aid the deception. But when was the last time you tried rutabagas? Ever?

Here’s a meat and [not] potatoes meal that should please most men.

Mexican Ribeye Recipe
Smokey Mash Recipe


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