If You Don’t Know Fungus…

Just when I was certain that fungus contributed to, or caused most life threatening diseases, researchers from Copenhagen and France believe that they have outdone me! As it turns out, these doctors are said to have discovered a new cause of childhood birth defects in addition to many life-threatening diseases.

As it turns out, most every cell in our body has antennae like projections called cilia. These receive signals (hormones, growth factors, etc…) from other cells and then convert these signals to a response within each cell. If these antennae become defective or deformed, serious health problems, including heart defects, polycystic kidney disease, blindness, cancer, obesity and diabetes may ensue.


The Danger Lies In Observing The Effect And Believing That It Is The Cause!


MY TAKE- I know that these doctors are good and caring people and they must be so excited about their breakthrough discovery. Money will undoubtedly come pouring out to them for further research, but they have entirely overlooked the “Achilles heal” in their own research. What causes the defective or deformed antennae? Answer that correctly and they deserve funding!


Fungi make poisonous substances called “mycotoxins” and these are commonly in our food and medicine. They are teratogenic (cause defects to the developing embryo). Additionally, they can and do cause every symptom and disease mentioned above. These researchers are good people, but until they understand mycotoxins, their research will go nowhere. Medical books are replete with information on the ability of mycotoxins to kill human cells. Do you think a tiny cell antennae is going to stop them?




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