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How To Use Anti-Fungal Supplements

how To Use Anti Fungal Supplements
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While The Kaufmann Diet is the centerpiece of the anti-fungal plan, anti-fungal supplements are a beneficial and necessary addition to the plan. Without them, your recovery time from pathogenic fungi and yeast might take longer than it otherwise would. 

The diet, of course, is most critical when it comes to combatting a yeast or a fungal problem. The Kaufmann Diet relies on two tenants to combat yeast infections in the body. The first is to eliminate foods with added sugar––fungi and yeasts’ food of choice––and foods that are high in carbohydrates. So sugar, itself, along with breads, pasta, potatoes, and other foods made with grains are eliminated. The second tenant is to eliminate foods that are known to be contaminated with fungi and their poisons. These include corn, grains, peanuts, alcohol, and certain other foods. 

The results that The Kaufmann Anti-fungal plan achieves are not possible without dietary change. So the first thing to understand about anti-fungal supplements is that unless your diet is dialed in, the likelihood that supplements alone will be effective is extremely low. 

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

That said, anti-fungal supplements are still an important part of the plan. These very often are safe and effective alternatives to prescriptive anti-fungals, which can carry serious side effects. While these drugs have their place, unless you are in the most extreme of situations, natural anti-fungals constitute a safe, affordable, and natural alternative while still packing a potent punch. Some supplements demonstrate anti-fungal potency that is equal to, or even exceeds, the potency of prescription anti-fungals.  

Some of the natural anti-fungals that are often recommended are:

    • Caprylic Acid
    • Oil of Oregano
    • Garlic
    • Olive Leaf Extract
    • D-Limonene 
    • Turmeric  

These are a few examples of anti-fungal supplements that are likely readily available at your health food store. 

How To Use These Supplements

Before you begin any dietary, supplement, or exercise regimen, it is recommended to speak to your doctor, particularly if you suffer from any health problems or take medications. Likely, he or she will clear you for use of these natural supplements unless they specifically interfere with a particular medication. 

It is important to seek out quality supplements from brands that are reliable, and your local health food store owner can help find supplements that are high quality. Often times, it is best to use these supplements as they are directed on the label. When you finish one anti-fungal supplement, though, begin a different supplement instead of repeating the same one. This will help create a broad spectrum of defense against pathogenic yeasts and fungi. 

It is critical that you take these supplements as you begin the diet. Initially, many people experience a die-off of yeasts, and the first few days on the diet might make you feel flu-like and uncomfortable. This is a sign the diet and supplements are working. It is best to continue the supplements along with the diet for at least 4-6 weeks, but you are encouraged to maintain a rotating anti-fungal regularly. Remember, the diet and program are intended to become a lifestyle instead of a short-term solution to health problems. 

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