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How To Rotate Anti-fungal Supplements

How to Rotate Anti-Fungals
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Maximize Your Anti-fungal Supplements By Rotating Them.

On The Kaufmann Diet, you are encouraged to add in a variety of natural, anti-fungal supplements to your regimen; the idea is that these can assist you in killing any sort of internal, pathogenic fungi that may be contributing to your health problems. 

The Kaufmann Diet is a good place to start if you suspect yeast overgrowth or fungi to be the underlying cause of health problems you may be experiencing. The Kaufmann Diet eliminates many foods that are common in most people’s diets, particularly those containing sugar or lots of simple carbohydrates. These are fungi’s food of choice, and if you have a fungal problem, it is likely that a diet rich in these foods is only making the problem worse. Furthermore, foods that are known to be contaminated with fungal poisons, such as corn, grains, peanuts, soy, alcohol and other foods, are eliminated, as well. 

These two steps are a good start towards controlling a fungal problem in the body. But, we can maximize the diet’s effects by adding in a variety of potent, natural anti-fungals.

Some examples of natural anti-fungals include oregano oil, olive leaf extract, clove oil, cinnamon oil, caprylic acid, and many, many others. Nature is rich in anti-fungal nutrients. Even nutrients like vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids––nutrients known for their health benefits but not necessarily their anti-fungal effects––often exhibit potent anti-fungal activity. Many of the supplements you find at the health food store are going to exhibit some anti-fungal activity. The above mentioned are a good place to start. 

Kaufmann Diet Guide

Most of these are very safe and well-tolerated, but you should always ask your physician before introducing a new supplement to your regimen, particularly if you are on other medications. However, you will likely receive his or her blessing to use these kinds of supplements. 

It is best to start with the the manufacturer’s suggest dose unless otherwise directed. Try starting with a supplement like olive leaf extract or caprylic acid. Start by simply incorporating one of these supplements into your daily regimen. 

When you are finished with one supplement however, switch to another, like oregano oil or garlic. By using a variety of anti-fungals instead of just one continuously, you give yeast and fungi less opportunity to become resistant or somehow elude your attempts to eliminate them.  In other words, it is good to “hit them from all sides”. Furthermore, some people may respond better to certain anti-fungal supplements than others; by rotating these supplements, you ensure that you will get the maximum anti-fungal benefit from your supplementation.

When you finish with the second anti-fungal supplement, incorporate a different supplement. Do this until you have tried a wide variety of these supplements. Often, too, these supplements come packed with benefits beyond their anti-fungal activity. 

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