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The Brain Fungus Connection

Brain Fungus Connection
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For a guy who believes that yeast and fungi cause most all mammalian brain and body misery, a 2016 article piqued my interest immediately, as I had read several articles that implicated yeast as the cause of mental illnesses.   A Johns Hopkins newsletter wrote this in 2016;

“In a study prompted in part by suggestions from people with mental illness, Johns Hopkins researchers found that a history of Candida yeast infections was more common in a group of men with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder than in those without these disorders, and that women with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder who tested positive for Candida performed worse on a standard memory test than women with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder who had no evidence of past infection.”

Not once did the word, “neurotoxic” appear in the article, however candida yeast overgrowth in the gut can produce neurotoxic aldehydes.

Now comes a study referenced on that questions whether or not antidepressants lead to a better quality of life. As you might expect, the opening sentence states, “Antidepressants do not display an ability to better quality of life in the long run.” I’ve discussed this before in this article on our website: Fungus and Depression

I believe that antidepressants, like cholesterol medications can be lifesaving, but if I had to be on either of these, I’d try to discover “the cause” of my elevated cholesterol or depression! Since the prescriptive medications used to treat these and many other health problems have antifungal properties, that is the first place I’d look to discover my need for them!  Had I been in a mold filled home/basement/antique store recently? Had I been on rounds of antibiotics prior to my health problems? Am I craving sugar (fungi demand sugars in order to live inside your body and their cravings become our cravings)? I believe that depression is sometimes a neurotoxic yeast/fungal reaction and I’d talk to my health care provider (HCP) about using safe, inexpensive supplements like caprylic acid, resveratrol, Vitamin B3, or D3 along with a changed diet and see if the mental aberrations don’t get better within a week. I’d avoid grains, alcohol and peanuts while on the supplements, but only if my HCP approved.  PLEASE do not stop antidepressants without your HCP’s approval!

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