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How Is the Kaufmann 1 Diet Different Than The Paleo Diet?

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Doug Kaufmann’s Kaufmann 1 Diet is basically identical to the Paleo Diet without the caveman story. Both allow for meat, berries, vegetables, good fats, etc. Both restrict sugar and grains. They’re pretty close.

The premise of the Kaufmann 1 Diet is that certain foods contain mycotoxins, and other foods can feed fungal growth in the body. The idea is to limit both mycotoxin and fungal exposure and overgrowth.

The premise of the Paleo Diet is that humans ate a certain way millions of years ago, and that we are most suited to that way of eating today.

The challenge with Paleo is that there seems to be a lot of different versions of it. For example, I heard a Paleo lecturer recently say that Paleolithic human, in fact, DID eat starchy carbohydrates in abundance. He’s advocating for a high-starchy carb version of Paleo. Humorously, we’re seeing Paleo books that contain recipes for “Paleo Ice Cream” and “Paleo Smoothies”. (Did they have blenders and refrigeration in the Paleolithic era?)

So, while anthropologists seem to be divided on what cavemen supposedly ate, and while Paleo lecturers each have their own spin on how to have their own Paleo “voice” in the industry, Doug Kaufmann’s Kaufmann 1 Diet has remained constant in its premise and principles for four decades running.

If you’re considering between the two, understand that with Paleo, you may or may not be exacerbating fungal overgrowth in your body. It all depends on which version of Paleo is currently fashionable, and which one you’re adhering to. Why not just drop the confusion, and stick with something that has worked for thousands of people for over 40 years, and is only growing in popularity? And it’s so easy to follow; even a caveman can do it!

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