Younger women, it appears, need more mammograms. Harvard researchers studied women who were diagnosed with breast cancer between 1990 and 1999. The article does not tell us how many women had breast cancer, only that during that period, “out of 609 confirmed breast cancer deaths, 395 of these women-71 percent- never had a mammogram prior to diagnoses.” Of these, 197 of these women were younger than age 50.

This study, involving twenty annual breast cancer deaths, has our scientists totally rethinking its position on recommending mammograms on younger women.

MY TAKE-earlier this year, researchers published that testicular cancer was on the rise, yet not one of them recommended compression and irradiation of men’s testicles. When asked the reason for the testicular rate increase, one of the researchers simply said, “no one really knows.” The truth be known, the exact statement can (and should) be made for this rise in breast cancer rates.

Researchers will now recommend more compression and irradiation of younger women’s breasts based on this small Harvard study. They don’t know why more women are being diagnosed with breast cancer, but they truly believe that more mammograms are the answer! Isn’t that just amazing?
Instead of some mammograms, researchers will now recommend more mammograms. To me, what this research demonstrates is not only ignorance, but also their aggressive support of medical status quo. Younger women will now be told to get more mammograms (e.g…begin getting mammograms at a younger age), but is that really the way to prevent breast cancer? I’d rather rely on diet and supplements!
Radiation is on our government’s list of “known carcinogens.” Of course, just as we hear TSA agents selling us on the safety of airport scans, we also have today’s medical researchers selling women on the safely of mammograms. I don’t buy it. Radiation is radiation. A little might injure and a lot does. When younger women are told to get mammograms earlier, this simply means that they will have more exposure to radiation in their lifetimes. That alone further increases their lifetime risk of breast cancer. Men, can micro-testicular irradiation compression devices be far behind? You laugh-mammograms are big money!



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