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Genetics & Your Gut Health

Genetics And Gut Health
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For years, Know the Cause has promoted the idea that gut health is an important factor for overall health. Naturally-occurring, good bacteria that are inherent in the gut play a number of roles in the body supporting good health, from digestion, to immunity, to producing certain vitamins. When these colonies are damaged, not only do we lose the inherent health benefits associated with these good “bugs”, without competition for resources, another, more virulent organism can flourish: Yeast. 

We have yeasts and fungi naturally occurring in our gut too, but they can also be introduced through our diet. And, when they grow out of control, there is evidence they can contribute to health problems. This is a key tenet of the fungus link to disease, and for this reason, The Kaufmann Anti-fungal Program has always made supporting gut a health a key factor of the program. 

It turns out, however, that modern research is beginning to affirm this idea, too. 

Mainstream medicine has told us for years that our health outcomes are largely linked to our genetics, and there is little most of us can do to stave off disease and poor health. But new research linking the health of the gut “micro-biome” to health outcomes tells us quite a different story. 

A study published in Nature Medicine, “…suggests that adjusting your diet to support your gut micro-biome may be pivotal for long and healthy life.”

Inverse reports co-author Sarah Berry saying, “Our findings show how little of the micro biome predetermined by our geese and therefore how much is modifiable by diet.”

The study suggests that the micro-biome can be manipulated through diet to affect meaningful health outcomes. The quality of the micro-biome has far more to do with diet than anything predetermined by genetics. 

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Unsurprisingly, whole, unprocessed plant foods rich in fiber were associated with healthy gut biomes, while diets rich in salt, sugar and processed foods containing little fiber were associated with the opposite.

This affirms much of what the Kaufmann Diet has proven for years; a healthy diet can keep good bacterial colonies healthy while diminishing the effect of more virulent organisms in the gut. 

Studies like these are important, because they largely affirm what we have known for a while: The health that you do or do not enjoy is largely within your own power. Factors like diet, exercise and lifestyle can have consequential results for our health, good or bad. Our health outcomes are not solely reliant on our genes. 

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