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Why Gut Health Is So Important On The Kaufmann Diet

Why Gut Health is so important on the Kaufmann Diet
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The Health of Your Gut Is Key On An Anti-fungal Program

Many people have heard that good health begins and ends in the gut; there is no doubt that there is some truth to this. Your gut plays a critical role in a number of factors related to health, including an important role in the immune system. Furthermore, good gut health is key to getting the most nutrition out of the foods we consume. After all, you are not necessarily what you eat, but you are what you absorb, and your body’s ability to absorb nutrition is reliant on a well-functioning gut. 

Poor gut health isn’t just evidenced by digestive problems, such as GERD, constipation, etc. While these may be a symptom of poor gut health (and many people do suffer from these problems), another insidious problem can be the result of poor gut health. 

Often times, the gut is the point of entry for fungi, yeasts and mycotoxins to enter into our system. It can be the first place these organisms flourish, wreak havoc, and is the site from which they proliferate throughout the body, possibly causing innumerable health problems. This is a syndrome known as leaky gut syndrome, which is facilitated by another condition, known as dysbiosis. 

The Fungus Link Vol 1Dysbiosis is a condition wherein pathogenic yeasts and fungi flourish in the gut. This becomes possible when normal, beneficial bacteria that naturally reside in the gut become depleted or damaged. We all have beneficial bacteria living in our guts from the time we are born. They assist in numerous, vital functions, including digestion, making certain nutrients, and assisting in immunity. They are a key part of a healthy, functioning gut.

These bacteria, however, can become damaged in a variety of ways. Namely, poor diet, stress, and alcohol consumption are factors in this happening, but another common way by which these colonies are depleted is through the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics kill beneficial bacteria the same way they kill harmful bacteria. Perhaps one of the darkest sides of these common drugs is the harm they potentially have on the terrain of the gut. 

Ultimately, the way we eat, live, and the medicines we take can all play a role in damaging our gut’s health, perhaps facilitating an overgrowth of yeast in the gut. This overgrowth, many practitioners believe, is what begins an underlying fungal problem that can fester for years, ultimately causing significant health problems that can be difficult to diagnose or treat. Interestingly, in addition to having other difficult to diagnose health problems, many of the people Doug Kaufmann has counseled over the year also have horrible gut problems such as gas, bloating, constipation of GERD.

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