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Easing Into The Kaufmann Diet

Easing Into Kaufmann Diet
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The Kaufmann Diet is meant to be a lifestyle, not necessarily a short-term solution to health problems. Think of The Kaufmann Diet more like a marathon than a sprint.

Changing your diet is hard, no matter how much will power you have. When people switch to The Kaufmann Diet, it can be a very difficult transition. This is because The Kaufmann Diet represents such a departure from how most people are accustom to eating, and for good reason. Most people eat in a way that detracts from health over the long-term rather than supporting it––this is evidenced by the enormous number of people who are both overweight and obese in America, and the millions of Americans who suffer from diseases associated with lifestyle, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. All of these diseases have a direct correlation to diet. Something needs to change if we are going to be healthier. 

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

The Kaufmann Diet differs from the way many Americans eat in profound ways; the diet eliminates foods like sugar, grains, corn, and high-carbohydrate foods like potatoes. This, of course, is similar to other low-carb diets, such as keto or Atkins. Yet, the Kaufmann Diet is unique even when compared to other low-carbohydrates, because The Kaufmann Diet also eliminates foods that are known to be contaminated with fungal poisons, called mycotoxins. These are foods like peanuts, soy, alcohol, and many other foods that are often contaminated with these poisons that can cause severe health problems. 

The goal of the Kaufmann Diet is to both starve yeasts and pathogenic fungi in the body that may be causing health problems by depriving them of their fuel of choice (simple carbs and sugar), and eliminate foods that are very often contaminated with fungal poisons, which can be really dangerous for our health. Often, people’s health problems that have plagued them for years subside or resolve after a period of time on the diet, and many people report effortless weight loss and an abundance of energy and mental clarity. 

Still, even with such profound results within reach, it can be difficult for people to make meaningful changes to their diet, particularly in the long run. 

If you are suffering from sever health problems, it is recommended to immediately begin and stick to the diet, with your doctor’s permission. This is the quickest way to see if your health problems might be related to fungi or yeasts. 

However, while the diet might supply acute relief, it is a diet that is meant to be stayed on indefinitely, to protect and nourish you for life. If you aren’t suffering severe health problems and you are only looking to improve your health, it is totally fine to ease into the Kaufmann diet. Maybe start by eliminating one food, like perhaps corn. Corn is one of the worst offenders on an anti-fungal diet because it is rich in sugar and carbohydrates, and it is also commonly contaminated with mold poisons. Seems simple right?

Kaufmann Diet Guide

When you begin to read labels, you will find corn ingredients in lots of things. From corn flower to corn syrup, many foods you previously enjoyed likely contain derivatives from corn. 

The next month, try eliminating wheat in addition to corn. This will be difficult; you can no longer eat breads, pizza, pasta, or sandwiches. But it is only two foods that you’ve eliminated! You will likely notice your tastes begging to change, and you will be more mindful about the foods you choose to eat. 

Continue this pattern for a few months. Eliminate potatoes next, then peanuts; eventually you will work your way up to anything with added sugar. What you will notice is that as your tastes begin to change, you will no longer miss a lot of the unhealthy foods you once enjoyed. You will likely begin to experience more energy and see your health improve; your weight may begin to drop, as well. Eventually, you will find that you have cultivated a diet that you enjoy and that will promote your health over the long-term.

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