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Be Cautious of Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies
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Marketing Strategies are elusive – BEWARE!

If you have spent time in a health food store, or even a normal grocery store, and if you have spent any time reading the labels on the wide variety of products therein, you have likely seen the bold claims listed on the labels of foods. Marketers are wise to the fact that more and more people are trying to eat in a way that supports health, or simply trying to buy healthier products for their home, and they are quick to tout the purported health benefits of their products. 

The term “natural” is and always has been a great example of this. Many marketing strategies use the the term natural to describe foods and products, when really the term has very little meaning. There are no standards that must be met to deem a food as “natural”. Unlike the designation of organic, which requires strict criteria being met and certification by regulatory bodies, “natural” can be used to describe virtually anything. But even not all natural things are necessarily good; fungi are arguably one of the most natural things on earth. They are ubiquitous organisms, being found in every environment on the planet. They also produce some of the most toxic substances known to man––all quite naturally. They can also become parasites of humans and cause serious health problems, which might be more common than many people think.

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

Yet, marketing strategies are quick to latch on to buzz words, trying to convince consumers their wares are safe and healthy. And many of the “health foods” you see are likely some of the worst offenders. Many of these products have ingredients like wheat, peanuts, corn, or sugar. Many have preservatives and do not resemble anything that “naturally” grows in the earth. 

When you are on The Kaufmann Diet, it becomes extremely important to read the labels on your food. Regardless of how products are marketed, no matter how healthy they make themselves out to be, if they include ingredients like corn, or sugar, or wheat, or peanuts, you should avoid foods like this entirely. Also, beware of how certain foods designate sugar––added sugar can be disguised as honey, agave, brown rice syrup, fructose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, cane juice, evaporated cane juice, or even coconut sugar. 

Ultimately, your metric for whether a food is OK to consume on the Kaufmann Diet should be what is in the product, and not how it is marketed or how it appears. Even if foods are fortified with certain vitamins, anti-oxidants, or omega-3s, it matters what else is in the product. And ideally, most of the food you eat should come sans a label or ingredients list; carrots do not come out of the ground with nutrition facts printed on them!

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