A Simple Kaufmann 1 Diet Shopping List


Going on the Kaufmann Diet can mean changing some deeply ingrained (pun!) dietary habits. Many of those habits can begin to be rectified simply by controlling what kinds of food you allow in your home. This, of course, begins with what you shop for at the grocery store.

Sometimes, the first step is to get rid of any food in your home that does not comply with your diet. This will eliminate temptation and provide a fresh start, of sorts. After that, though, it is time to restock with healthy foods that fit within the Kaufmann Diet’s framework.

A good rule of thumb is always to shop “around the perimeter” of the grocery store. Many diet programs recommend this; it is here you will find the fresh produce, fresh meats, and fresh dairy products. Most of the processed foods are found within the perimeter of the store. (However, this is simply a guide. Important and healthy food products, like olive oil and frozen berries, are often found in the aisles of the grocery store.)

Planning meals for the week can be key and can allow you to shop for fresh foods that will be eaten that week. This helps prevents food waste, as well––a benefit for your food budget. It is important to plan for all the meals––and snacks––that you are accustomed to. Planning for meals and snacks will help prevent you from becoming to hungry, which is the point at which many people find they cheat on the diet. While you may experience cravings on the diet––particularly as yeasts die off in the body––there is never any reason to be unnecessarily hungry while on the Kaufmann Diet.

We have multiple cookbooks available in our bookstore both with recipes and shopping list ideas. The list here is decidedly incomplete; it is simply a guide. There are a huge variety of foods not listed here that are permissible with any phase of the Kaufmann Diet. As you become more comfortable with the framework the diet, and with preparing meals that first within the dietary framework, this list will change, and likely grow.

A Simple Grocery List:

Uncured Bacon
Grass-Fed Ground Beef
Pastured Chicken Breast
Grass-Fed Butter
Plain Yogurt
Green Apples
Frozen Mixed Berries
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Cold-Pressed Organic Coconut

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