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Bread and Pasta Poisons

Bread and Pasta Poisons
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Warning Issues to Anybody Who Eats Bread or Pasta Over Deadly Fungus. 

This headline was published, verbatim, in the UK paper, Birmingham Mail (1). The writer is typically confused about fungal mycotoxins but does a good job in conveying the point that common foods we routinely eat are impregnated with fungal poisons that are making humans and animals sick. The “Fusarium bacteria” referred in this article isn’t bacteria at all…it’s fungus. Says one research article (2), Fusarium fungus makes several poisonous mycotoxins, most notably they are trichothecenes, fumonisins, and zearalenone. They state, “Fusarium mycotoxins pose varying toxicities to humans and/or animals after consumption of contaminated grain. They can cause acute or chronic illness and, in some cases, death.” I agree 100% and have seen thousands of cases where exposure to common foods like bread and pasta contributed to very mysterious symptoms. Avoidance of those foods enables people to control their own symptoms.

The Kaufmann diets were built on this very fact; grains are often contaminated with fungi that make poisonous by-products that can cause illness and death. How often are grains contaminated with mycotoxins? The article stated this. “Across Europe, we estimate that 75-million tons of wheat (5% of food wheat) exceeded the limit allowed for human consumption between 2010 and 2019.”

Be careful out there. If your doctor cannot figure out your health problems, perhaps you can and better yet, you get to control them with your fork and spoon.

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