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Best Sugar Substitutes for The Kaufmann Diet

Sugar Substitutes for the Kaufmann Diet
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If you are craving sweets on the Kaufmann Diet, we have you covered with some great sugar substitutes.

It is well established that sugar is a killer, but the reason sugar is so bad for us might be more elusive than many people think. Sugar and simple carbohydrates are the exact foods that might exacerbate an existing, underlying fungal infection. The fact that these types of infections are difficult to diagnose yet shown to cause some serious health problems can create a perfect storm for poor health that can be difficult to escape. 

We know that sugar is linked to a wide variety of health problems, and we also know that it is extremely addictive, which might also provide some insight into why sugar can be such a problem. People who have a fungal and/or yeast infections are known to crave sugar; in a way, this can be seen as a parasite altering your tastes and cravings to meet its own ends. 

Knowing all of these things, it comes as no surprise that giving up sugar can be quite difficult for some people. The Kaufmann Diet eliminates sugar and most foods high in starch or simple carbohydrates. This can create intense cravings that make the first few days on the diet very difficult for some people. When you combine that with the flu-like feelings and malaise that accompany the initial “die-off” period (also known as a Herxheimer reaction) quitting your sugar habit can feel almost unbearable. 

However, after a week or two on the diet, most people report feeling better than they ever have, relief from symptoms that have plagued them for years and significant (but otherwise effortless) weight loss, even if it is just those last few stubborn pounds that some people have a tough time getting rid of.  

While you do have to give up sugar, for those with an intense sweet tooth, there some sugar substitutes sweeteners that are allowed on The Kaufmann One Diet.

Stevia and Xylitol

The two sweeteners (sugar substitutes) allowed on The Kaufmann Diet are stevia and xylitol. 

Stevia is an herbal sweetener that is many times sweeter than sugar. It comes in liquid form or granules, is good for sweetening beverages or foods where the bulk of actual sugar is not an issue. Stevia packets are quite portable and good to carry around for when cravings hit––add them to sparkling water with lime or lemon juice for a sweet, refreshing beverage. Stevia contains little to no calories. 

Xylitol is derived from either birch tree bark or corn cobs. It is significantly lower in calories and does not spike insulin the way sugar will. Even though corn and corn derivatives are not allowed on the Kaufmann Diet, corn-derived xylitol is known to be mycotoxin-free and therefore permitted on the diet.  Xylitol is useful in baking when bulk is needed.

What About Sweeteners on Kaufmann Two?

It is recommended that most people stay on the more restrictive Kaufmann One Diet for at least 4-6 weeks, or until health symptoms subside. In many ways, the Kaufmann Diet is kind of like a test; if you do experience relief from symptoms, it is quite possible that your health symptoms are due to fungi. As you progress, however, it is acceptable to switch to the less restrictive Kaufmann Two diet. 

For those with a sweet tooth, manuka honey and pure maple syrup are great sugar substitutes that are permitted, but these should be enjoyed in extreme moderation, and if symptoms begin to reappear at anytime, it is advised to return to the more restrictive Kaufmann One Diet.  

For more information about how to make healthy, sweet treats that are Kaufmann Diet approved, check out our recipe books!

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