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Why is Sugar So Bad?

Why is sugar bad
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Sugar is perhaps one of the most universally reviled foods in when it comes to health, and this is not without reason; few foods that are so common in our diet have been implicated in so many different diseases, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Regardless, sugar is everywhere and can be found in many of the foods that underpin the diet that most people consume every day.

Many people think that sugar fuels the mechanism that is blamed as the cause of nearly every disease: inflammation. Inflammation is implicated in virtually every disease, from the above mentioned diseases to many others. It is thought that a diet rich in sugar promotes low-level inflammation within the body, ultimately leading us down the road to disease. 

This is among the reasons why sugar, added sugar, sugary fruits and foods like high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are largely eliminated from most diets. Even “healthier” alternatives, we are finding, such as agave, honey and maple syrup might not be as health of as alternatives as we might think. 

Giving up sugar is tougher than most people think, and most people do not realize how much of a sweet tooth they have until they try to give it up, nor do they realize how prevalent it is in food, particularly most processed foods, until they start paying attention to labels. 

Furthermore, it has been shown to be extremely addictive, even on par with drugs such as cocaine. This might provide some insight into more reasons why it can be so bad for us. 

Sugar is known to feed an internal parasite: pathogenic fungi and yeasts. These bugs can gain access to our body in any number of ways, from the foods we eat to the air we breathe. Once inside, our immune systems are often adept at eliminating these germs and protecting our body from infection, but sometimes they can take route and flourish, particularly in the presence of their favorite foods like sugar and other simple carbohydrates. From there, these germs are documented as being able to wreak havoc on our health. 

Often, people who have an underlying yeast or fungal problem crave sugar and breads and pasta––anything high in starch and/or sugar. So, it is possible that your sugar “addiction” is actually an internal parasite altering your cravings to fit its needs. 

Allowing a fungal infection to flourish, however, is not a good idea. These bugs have been linked to any number of diseases, and the sooner you can ensure that you have rid your body of them as much as possible, the better. This is the goal of The Kaufmann One Diet; it is a diet low in sugar and carbohydrates. The diet goes further to eliminate foods that are often contaminated with fungi or their poisons. While the first couple weeks can be a difficult transition, many people report feeling much better and often shedding some unwanted weight. 

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