7 Of The Most Potent Antifungal Foods


Here are some Antifungal foods that are unique in their ability to eliminate fungi and yeast.

The Kaufmann Diet is designed to do two things very effectively. First, it is designed to eliminate foods from the diet that are commonly contaminated with fungi, yeasts, mold, and the poisonous byproducts the organisms sometimes produce. 

These poisons are known as mycotoxins, and they have been shown to have serious, negative effects on human and animal health. Some, such as aflatoxin, are among the most carcinogenic, naturally-occurring substances on earth.

Despite how toxic these compounds are, there are still certain foods which they commonly contaminate, even in developed countries like The United States. Some of these foods include corn, wheat, soy, and other foods.

The Kaufmann Diet’s second goal is to starve any existing pathogenic yeast within the body that may be contributing to any symptoms. In order to do this, the Kaufmann Diet restricts sugar and foods high in carbohydrates; these are the kinds of food that pathogenic yeasts and fungi thrive on. When these foods are in steady supply, these organisms can flourish in the body, often causing an array of miserable health symptoms.

While eliminating certain foods that feed pathogenic fungi is important, it is also important to include foods that contain anti-fungal––or fungus-killing––properties. While some foods, such as lean proteins are useful for starving fungi, they do not necessarily actively kill fungi. This is an important distinction from foods that actively work to kill pathogenic yeasts and fungi in the body.

Ideally, your diet includes both foods that are good for starving yeast and fungi, and antifungal foods adept at killing yeasts and fungi.

Anti-Fungal Foods

In reality, many foods contain powerful, anti-fungal nutrients. These foods just happen to be particularly adept at helping rid the body of pathogenic yeasts and fungi.


Garlic contains a variety of anti-fungal compounds, but the alicinin garlic is among the more potent anti-fungal compounds.


Carrots are higher in sugar than most vegetables, but the phytonutrient, falcarinol, is a known, potent fungus killer. For this reason, carrots are included on both The Kaufmann 1 and Kaufmann 2 diets.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in a compound called caprylic acid, which is known to kill yeasts. Coconut oil is effective also as a topicalanti fungalagent, as well.


Like garlic, ginger contains some excellent fungus fighting compounds, such as gingerols andshogaols.


Onions contain a number of sulfur compounds that may provide some benefit against yeasts and fungi.

Pumpkin Seeds

The fats inherent in pumpkin seeds can help eliminate yeasts and fungi.

Lemon and Lime

These citrus fruits contain loads of vitamin C and can assist in killing yeasts and fungi.


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