4 Supplements You Should Take Every Day

4 Supplements You Should Take Every Day


Deciding on what supplements you should take can be an intimidating endeavor; there are simply so many supplements available to you when you walk into a health food store, it can difficult to know where to start.

The reason so many supplements exist is because they address a wide variety of health issues. In the same way that medicines are designed to assist with different parts of the body, most supplements target specific health problems or support certain systems in the body. For instance, you would likely take milk thistle to support liver function, not assist in weight loss. And while B Vitamins may be great for boosting energy, you would likely pick melatonin over B vitamins when you want to sleep.

Other supplements have more of a broad-spectrum benefit, such as vitamin C or fish oil. These kinds of supplements perform a wide array of tasks in the body, and while they can be taken for specific things, they are excellent for the list of needs they meet in the body.

It is important to remember that supplements are not medicines. They do not chemically override functions in the body. Instead, they work best in tandem with a unilateral approach to good health. In other words, if you decide to begin taking supplements but do not change your diet or begin an exercise regimen, they likelihood that those supplements will be effective is not good.

“You are setting yourself up for your supplements to be as effective as possible.”


This is, however, one reason why beginning a supplement regimen after having been on the Kaufmann 1 Diet for a while is a good idea; you are setting yourself up for your supplements to be as effective as possible. While it is recommended to stop taking most supplements while beginning the Kaufmann 1 Diet, working back into a sensible supplement regimen after some time on the diet may be a good idea.


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To get started, below are 4 supplements that may be beneficial to take every day.

Fish Oil

Fish oil has a legion of benefits for heart, brain and other systems. It is such a beneficial and effective supplement that even most mainstream medical practitioners will recommend fish oil to their patients.


A good multi-vitamin is an insurance policy; often, it is difficult to ensure that you are getting all the nutrition you need in therapeutic amounts from your diet alone. A good multivitamin can help guarantee that you get all the nutrients necessary to maintain good health.


Probiotics are essential to maintaining good gut health. Beneficial bacterial colonies assist in a variety of functions, from digestion to immunity, and ensuring those colonies

are not compromised or overtaken by yeast is key to both our anti-fungal program and good health, overall.

A Rotating Anti-Fungal

There is a long list of antifungal supplements, from olive leaf extract to caprylic acid, to oregano oil. Try rotating which antifungals you take; after you finish a bottle of one, try another one. This combined with an antifungal diet may be key to protecting yourself from the ravages of pathogenic fungi.


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