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Your Questions About Vitamins Answered

Questions About Vitamins Answered
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We hope to cover all your questions about vitamins and the Kaufmann Diet in this article.

Vitamins and minerals help facilitate and make possible the wide array of biochemical processes in our bodies that help sustain life; from energy, to cognition, to muscle and heart function––none of these these would be possible without vitamins and minerals. Our life and health are reliant on vitamins. We all know that there is a wide array of vitamins and minerals that we must obtain from our diet (or supplementally) in order to enjoy abundant health. These include vitamins like vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, all the way to zinc. These are as necessary for good health as are macronutrients that give us energy, like protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

The concern, of course, is that the American Diet has traditionally been sorely lacking in nutrition for some time, as most people rely on processed foods seemingly void of many valuable vitamins and nutrients. It is not uncommon, when reading about specific vitamins or minerals, to learn that many scientists consider a wide array of vitamins and minerals to be lacking in our diets. Many fall short of what the official recommended daily allowance (RDA) says the minimum amount of nutrition a person should receive daily. The RDA, however, merely sets the targets for certain nutrients at levels that keep people from developing nutritional deficiencies, such as scurvy (caused by lack of vitamin C). 

Some vitamins, however, like vitamin C, might have therapeutic benefit beyond what the RDA calls. Realistically, we should aim for more nutrition than the RDA advises with some nutrients. We can do this by eating a healthy diet and filling in the gaps as necessary with supplementation. 

What Role Does Diet Play In Getting Enough Vitamins?

In short, diet should play the primary role in getting enough vitamins and minerals. Diet is key, because whole foods represent the most absorbable form of nutrition available to you; your body is designed to extract vitamins from food. Particularly if you are on the Kaufmann Diet, and including lots of fresh vegetables, some fruits, lean meats and eggs in your diet, there is no reason why you won’t get the bulk of the nutrition you need from your diet. Particularly, when you swap out processed and junk foods in your diet for predominantly fresh, whole foods, you are unlikely to be deficient in most nutrients. 

Should I Take A Vitamin Supplement?

Vitamin supplements, particularly a good, broad spectrum vitamin supplement, can ensure that any gaps in nutrition left behind by your diet are filled. You can think of vitamin supplements as an insurance policy, ensuring you are getting enough proper nutrition to enjoy optimal health. 

Are There Specific Vitamins I Should Take?

Certain vitamins are beneficial in amounts beyond what the RDA recommends. For example, getting more vitamin C than is necessary might come with some benefits, particularly during cold and flu season. Vitamin D is a nutrient many are deficient in, and is thought to play a significant role in immune health and fighting cancer. Magnesium, calcium and zinc can be difficult to get enough of in the diet, and can be beneficial to supplement with. Vitamin B12 can beneficial for those who struggle with low energy. 

Still Have Questions about Vitamins?

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