How Important is Vitamin D?


Very. This why you should make sure you get enough of it.

Most people simply do not get enough vitamins and minerals. This is for a variety of reasons, namely because most do not consume the most healthful of diets. The processed fare, take-out food, fast food, and convenience store food that comprises the majority of most people’s diets simply does not contain many of the vital nutrition that most people require to enjoy abundant health.

Still, even for those who do consume a healthy diet, much of the food today is simply not as abundant in nutrition as food in the past. Some of this has to do with soil depletion, over-farming, and the way food is stored and transported. Many of the important nutrients that we no support health are simply not as concentrated, even in healthy foods.

Among those important nutrients is vitamin D. 

The Benefits of Vitamin D

Bone Health

Vitamin D plays an important role in forming strong bones; deficiency has been linked to osteoporosis, and in more extreme cases, rickets in children.

Brain Health

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to depression, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, insomnia and even schizophrenia. On the other hand, proper levels of vitamin D are linked to increased brain performance.


Cancer prevention

Vitamin D has been studied for its role in preventing cancer. Some research has concluded that vitamin D deficiency can play a role in the formation of certain cancer.


Proper levels of vitamin D are thought to protect against viruses and colds.

How do we get vitamin D?

Vitamin D is unique in that our bodies manufacture vitamin D in the presence of sunlight. As little as 30 minutes, a few times a week in sunlight with exposed skin is enough to meet requirements, but this can vary depending on skin color, age, and other factors. This can also be tricky for many people. Many cannot find time to spend in the sun. Many people live in areas without an abundance of sunlight. Spending time in the sun can also be hazardous. Using sunscreen also limits the manufacturing of vitamin D.

Despite the fact that our bodies can manufacture vitamin D, as many as 42% of people in America are thought to be deficient in this nutrient. For this reason, it is important to incorporate food sources of vitamin D. For the Kaufmann Diet, the best sources of vitamin D include….

  • Beef liver, 3oz –11% RDA
  • Eggs, 1 medium – 10% RDA
  • Mackerel, 3oz – 76% RDA
  • Tuna, 3oz – 39% RDA
  • Wild Caught Salmon, 3oz – over 100% RDA
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