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Your Questions About Dairy Answered

Questions About Dairy Answered
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Can I have cheese? What about milk? Is butter ok? Your questions about dairy answered.

One of the hardest things for many people when starting the Kaufmann Diet is giving up dairy products, like cheese and milk. Which brings up many questions about dairy usage and the diet. These products are a staple in many people’s diets, and can be quite addicting when enjoyed without constraints.

But dairy products are not eliminated entirely, and can seem like sort of a gray area to many people beginning the diet. thus, many people have questions about how dairy products fit into the Kaufmann Diet. In attempt to clear up any confusion, here is what you need to know about dairy products on The Kaufmann Diet. 

Why Is Dairy Restricted on The Kaufmann Diet?

Dairy is rich in a sugar called lactose. On The Kaufmann Diet, you are trying to eliminate sugar as much as possible, and this includes limiting dairy products. These include milk and most cheeses, and any foods containing these products. Other concerns with dairy center around the fact that it is an addictive food, and people tend to over consume it. The Kaufmann Diet also focuses on breaking addictions to foods that are over consumed in the diet; dairy certainly meets these criteria.  

Dairy products from conventional cattle also run the risk of antibiotic and hormone contamination. Also, any cheese products containing mold, such as bleu cheese, should unilaterally be avoided.  

Are All Dairy Eliminated?

On Kaufmann 1, mostly, but not entirely. You can still have:

      • butter
      • ghee (clarified butter)
      • heavy cream (which is also called heavy whipping cream)
      • sour cream (made from real cream with live cultures)
      • yogurt (no sugar, with live cultures)
      • cream cheese (in moderation)

These butter products are mostly fat, and some contain beneficial bacteria. Keep in mind these foods should not be over consumed; instead, focus on using this for flavor, but using them sparingly. If you feel like you have an addiction to dairy products, you should eliminate them entirely at first, which may be difficult; however, as dairy is a food many people might have allergies to, you might find that you feel much better after eliminating it entirely for a while. 

All other dairy products, including milk, cheese are eliminated. 


Kaufmann Diet Guide

What About Kaufmann 2?

On Kaufmann 2, you can begin to add certain hard cheeses, like parmesan and swiss cheeses back into your diet. Focus on cheeses that are higher in protein and fat and avoid any containing high amounts of sugar/lactose. Milk, itself, should continue to be eliminated, along with any dairy products containing mold. Fortunately, there are many Kaufmann Diet-approved milk substitutes available now.

More Questions?

If you have more questions we invite you to join our live Q&A show every Tuesday and Thursday.

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