Your Health, Your Choice

Your Health, Your Choice

I’ll be 71 years old in a few months.  Here is just one more reason that I make every effort to be healthy, thereby avoiding doctor visits. I’m concerned that physicians learn wrong in many instances. As you know, I have been outspoken on mistakes made in cancer diagnoses, and believe that sometimes, a lump formed by fungi, are diagnoses as cancer. Excess antibiotics, prescribed by physicians, can cause cancer. Physicians learn to treat health problems with chemicals and many recommend regular aspirin intake.

Now comes a study that teaches us that one-in-five of we elder Americans accelerate cancer growth by taking a daily aspirin. If you are 60 or older and have been diagnosed with cancer, please rethink regular aspirin intake.

Don’t just stop taking it, but share this link with your doctor and ask about a possible alternative.

I’ve long been concerned that doctor visits lead to excess chemical intake; from Cylert to Seldane, Rezulin to Propolsid, Trovan to Vioxx, (I could go on and on), know that many drugs that were once FDA approved, injured or killed people. Be careful and know that simply diet changes or exercise programs might do more to help your health than all the chemicals in a pharmacy.

NOTE: I believe that it took decades of my lifestyle choices to prevent medication use. Please always share desired changes in your lifestyle with your prescribing physician.

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