You be the Expert

You Be The Expert

Are you an Expert?

My career has been so extraordinary! I have done dozens of interviews with well-known health experts. A renowned doctor’s office just sent me these questions. Based on your knowledge of fungal infections, how would you respond to these 6 questions? Are you an Expert?


1. Most infections are treated with antibiotics.  How does a doctor know if the patient’s infection is bacterial or fungal?

2. What does the Center For Disease Control (CDC) say about fungal infections?

3. I read last month that scientists discovered fungus in pancreatic cancer cases. Talk about this…

4. Since fungi thrive inside our bodies, how do we get rid of them?

A) Supplements
B) Anti-fungal medications
C) Diet

5. Are there foods/drinks in our diets that actually fuel fungal infections?

6. Two types of fungal infections, local (nail fungus, ringworm) and systemic. Can you discuss?

I invite all questions here on this post, on our Facebook page or even during our Live Q&A shows every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Join and contribute your questions during the Live Q&A on Facebook or YouTube,  I look forward to answering your questions.

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