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Should You Be Concerned About Cell Phone Radiation?

Cell Phone Radiation
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Cell Phone Radiation – Are These Integral Parts Of Our Lives Putting Us At Risk?

As long as cell phones have existed, the concern about cell phones emitting radiation has existed. This has been a point of contention between cellphone manufacturers, regulators, health advocates and researchers for some time, because while research has been conducted on the safety of cellphone usage, the conclusions seem somewhat elusive. But Cell Phone Radiation is still a topic.

Mobile devices have never been more prevalent than today; they have simply become a necessary part of modern day life. As technology has progressed, every aspect of our lives is increasingly tied to our phones, for better or worse. From banking, to navigation, communication and social lives, every aspect of our lives has become inextricably linked to that device we all carry around with us everywhere we go.  

What Is The Issue With Cell Phone Radiation?

All electronics emit a certain amount of radiation. Radio frequency energy, or RF, is a type of non-ionizing radiation produced by mobile phones, wi-fi routers and other devices. The distinction between mobile phones and most other portable and/or stationary electronic devices is that we routinely keep these devices close to our bodies––others are usually at some distance from our skin and the tissues that sit directly beneath. 

This matters with radiation; the closer to your body a radiation-emitting device is, the more radiation your body will absorb. 

We know that ionizing radiation––the type emitted from a nuclear blast––is hazardous to health and can lead to the development of cancer. Non-ionizing radiation is not thought to be nearly as dangerous, if it is dangerous at all––generally speaking. 

Some studies, however, have linked long-term cellphone usage with increased incidence of brain cancer. In 2011, the IARC (International Agency For Research On Cancer) classified radiation emitted by cellphones as a possible carcinogen. Still other studies conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse suggest that cellphone usage alters brain activity and makes the blood-brain barrier more permeable. All of these conclusions, however, are still speculative––researchers say more information is required. 

What Can You Do?

Cell phones have become fixtures in our day to day lives, and there is not much evidence of that changing anytime soon. And, for the most part, with their widespread usage, we can feel fairly confident that they are largely safe or un-harmful, at least in the short-term. The long term consequences, however, may have yet to be seen. For some, erring on the side of caution may seem like a good practice. 

To that end, there are some things to know:

First, mobile phones constantly emit a small amount of radiation, whether they are being used or not. It is best to leave them in a purse, a backpack, on top of your desk or otherwise away from your body as opposed to in your pocket. 

Mobile phones emit more radiation when they are sending signal out or trying to connect to a tower. This means, when you are on a call, your phone is working harder and emitting more radiation. Try using a headset when spending time on calls. 

Cases do not block radiation, and because they can play a small role in making it harder for a cellphone to connect to a tower, they can make the phone work harder, and thus emit more radiation. Ultimately, cases may protect your phone, but they may also facilitate an increase in radiation emitted.

It may be prudent to limit their children’s time spent on mobile devices, as the effects on brain health are not fully understood. 

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