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You Do Not Need Fat Burners To Lose Weight

Fat Burners
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The internet is rife with diet pills and supplements promising to help you lose weight and lose it fast. By now, many people recognize these things to be the scams that they are, but the allure for people wanting to lose weight is still strong. After all, who wouldn’t take a shortcut to a healthier, fitter body, given the opportunity? This mindset perpetuates an industry that preys upon desperate people. There is always some new fat burners and diet pills promising to help you lose weight, but what you should do instead is follow The Kaufmann Diet. 

The issue is that many of these have dubious proof which supports their usage, and some wind up being downright dangerous. And, ultimately, these will never be effective, because nothing but long-term lifestyle change will ever provide lasting results for weight loss.  Ultimately, the need to lose weight is an issue with lifestyle, not a lack of diet pills or fat burners. And when it comes to solutions, consistency, life style change, and healthy nutrition are the answer. 

Ultimately, if you don’t change your diet, you are never going to safely see results in the long term. 

The Kaufmann Diet, as it turns out, is an excellent diet for weight loss. The Kaufmann Diet eliminates many of the foods implicated in weight gain, such as foods high in sugar and simple carbohydrates. It encourages lean protein––which is also beneficial for weight loss. 

Weight Loss Combo

All of the foods that are eliminated on the diet, however, are not eliminated with the goal of making a person lose weight necessarily, however, The Kaufmann Diet focuses on eliminating foods that potentially feed pathogenic fungi and yeasts within the body, and food which may be contaminated with fungi and their poisons, called mycotoxins. This is more common than many people think; fungi are known to infest many of the common food stuffs that underpin our food system. These include foods like wheat, corn, peanuts, and sugar. Most people eat foods containing these ingredients every day, multiple times a day.  

Knowing the frequency with which we are potentially exposed to these poisons, fungi may actually be responsible for a variety of health problem that people experience. Often, people who experience problems associated with yeast or fungi may have trouble getting a proper diagnosis, and may suffer with symptoms for years. Interesting, when many of these people go on an anti-fungal diet and program, many experience relief from symptoms that have plagued them for years. 

Weight loss seems to be no different. Many people who have struggled to lose weight on any other program seem to have little trouble once they try the Kaufmann Diet. Many experience effortless weight loss, especially initially, and gently sustain weight loss at healthy rate thereafter until reaching their target weight. All of this is done in a sustainable way, because the Kaufmann Diet is designed to be a framework for long-term healthy lifestyle.

Other than some anti-fungal supplements to assist with eliminating yeast and fungi––which are recommended as part of The Kaufmann Diet––you do not need any miracle supplements to lose weight. You need consistency, healthy nutrition, and a wholistic approach to supporting overall health. If you’ve struggled to lose weight, give the Kaufmann Diet a try for 4-6 weeks, and watch the scale drop. 

Kaufmann Diet Guide

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