Craving Sugar?

Craving Sugar

A New article tries to explain why we humans crave sugar and it has much to do with the gut-to-brain connection. You might recall that human cells (that line our intestines) and fungal cells (that line our intestines) are very similar.  I’ve long taught that since fungi thrive on sugar and are so much like our cells, a “spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down” because a bucket full of sugar necessitates medicine. When we tease active yeasts in our intestines, they (and we) crave more and more. Fight your sugar craving!

This article points out that artificial sweeteners do not stimulate sugar cravings, to which I contend they shouldn’t. Yeast cells are smart and don’t fall for fancy marketing and empty promises. It also pointed out that in the late 1800’s the average American ate less that 10 pounds of sugar annually, whereas today we eat almost that amount of sugar each month!

I find that a little sugar prompts a large craving and unless I address it, within a few days, I’m at the health food store buying what some perceive to be “artificial sweeteners” like coconut sugar and maple sugar.  Even these perpetuate my cravings so unless I am disciplined, on come the gut and brain problems, not to mention the pounds. Be careful out there and know that a spoonful of sugar spread out weekly, instead of hourly, may assist you in reducing those very medicines that seem to go down so well with it!




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