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What’s a Man To Do?

what's A Man To Do
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When one believes that cancer is often linked to fungal poisons (mycotoxins) that gain access to the inside of the human body, then one would logically conclude that cancer is over diagnosed.  I am that “one.”  Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine have discovered that my many blogs, TV segments and chapters on prostate cancer were correct all along.  As an admission of the failure that PSA prostate screenings have been, Science Daily published an article  stating,” Over the past 15 years, public health authorities have downgraded recommendations for the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test as a screening tool to reduce the overdiagnosis and overtreatment of men with low-grade prostate cancer. Now, researchers have found that while these efforts have been effective, the incidence of higher-grade disease and metastasis at diagnosis have risen.”

Their concern is that men are avoiding PSA screening (as inaccurate as the PSA test is, the digital rectal exam, or DRE is much less accurate) because they have learned that it is a bad test-it is.  Unfortunately, the men who now come to them with prostate problems have more advanced “cancer” that they did when urologists screened everyone with a DRE and PSA.

As a man, let me share with you what I did when I learned that the PSA was a bad test.

1. NO ALCOHOL! I’m convinced that regular alcohol intake is associated with elevated PSA markers and even prostate cancer itself.

2. A DRE generates far too many PSA test and these generate far too many prostate biopsies, and these can generate erroneous conclusions.

3. NO SMOKING CIGARETTES! The inhalation of commercially available cigarettes deposits many noxious fungal mycotoxins into the blood stream. I’ve never believed that tobacco grown in a field caused any cancer.

4. Regular detoxifying (eg…sweating/exercise) and being very judicious with grains and sugars in your diet has many health benefits.

5. Should you be diagnosed with prostate cancer based on a DRE and PSA, ALWAYS get another opinion or two…or three.

6. A toenail fungus drug called Itraconazole (Sporanox) has been approved to treat prostate and other cancers. Since there is evidence that the PSA is a good fungal test, but not a good prostate cancer test, I’d ask for it for a month.

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