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The PSA Test – My Take

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For the past week, you have been introduced to one man’s opinion (albeit after reading his book, I believe this is far beyond his opinion) about a medical test that was rushed onto the marketplace and continues to be used today to diagnose prostate cancer. Fear and money created the demand for this test, although Dr Ablin’s data tells us that the PSA test was never a prostate cancer diagnostic test.

Worse, we learned that misuse of the PSA test has caused great harm to millions of men and their families. This is incomprehensible, but in my opinion, only the tip of medical marketing iceberg.

Corruption aside, all through his book, I found myself wishing Dr. Ablin knew what Dr. A. V. Costantini taught me about the PSA test long ago. I loved Dr Ablin’s counsel on Day 6 of taking good care of our health, perhaps in lieu of getting routine PSA screenings. Obviously a Kaufmann 1 Diet, anti-fungals and a changed lifestyle would do far more to rid the body of fungus than invasive medical procedures!

Wait, did I say fungus? According to Dr. Costantini, it may not work to diagnose prostate cancer, but the PSA is dead on accurate in diagnosing a systemic fungal condition! Structurally, says Costantini, the PSA molecule is a 33-kiloDalton serine protease (an enzyme), which was found to be produced by the molds Aspergillus flavus, A. fumigatus, A. oryzae, Ophiostoma piceae, and Scedosporium apiospermum, all of which are sac (ascomycete) fungi. Fungi grow in a sac and can mimic cancer!

So now this all begins to make sense to you! As we age, we become more vulnerable to the germ that will one day consume our buried body. Fungi are the ultimate scavengers, and it is not only trees that are eventually reduced to dust by them. We are also. The fact that fungus, as measured by the PSA test, plays more of a role in decomposing our tissues and impeding our health as we age should surprise no one. No one, that is, who understands the fungus link

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germ-that-causes-cancer-smallThis book expounds upon the role of fungus in cancer.  Most physicians are unaware that common antibiotics may contribute to cancer while drugs that kill fungus often help cancer patients.  This is an important book that has been reduced to a much easier read for the layperson.  It includes a chemotherapy nurses notes, the confessions of a chemotherapy drug salesman and a physicians account of what he would do if he were diagnosed with cancer.

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