Prostate Cancer and the PSA Test

Doug Kaufmann's - Prostate Cancer and the PSA Test
As some of you know, for months, I’ve been communicating with Dr. Richard Ablin, the doctor who discovered what is called the “PSA test.”. I recently received an early copy of his new book, The Great Prostate Hoax, and have been reading it. This is a remarkable book, in that one gets a glance directly into the heart of Dr Ablin while reading it.

After learning of its limits, he isolated himself from the test soon after its discovery. But others picked it up and soon thereafter the PSA test became marketed as a reliable prostate cancer test. It is difficult to imagine how Dr. Ablin must have felt everyday during the past 40+ years, as the PSA test became an accepted laboratory test used to diagnose prostate cancer. He refers to the impact the PSA test has had on millions of over diagnosed men and their families.

The PSA test made its way into the medical marketplace in the 1980’s and is currently the centerpiece of a multi-billion-dollar prostate cancer business. The problem is, according to Ablin, the PSA test does not work to detect prostate cancer. How did such a test ever get approved for use? Dr. Ablins book does an excellent job of naming names, revealing conversation and research notes and showing time lines. I invited Dr. Ablin to our TV production studio, Hermosa Studios, here in Texas where he can tell us the entire story of the PSA test; the good, the bad and the ugly. He graciously accepted my offer. We will begin filming this incredible man, with his equally incredible story, next month.

Knowing of my interest in the PSA test controversy, Dr. Ablin kindly offered me the opportunity to introduce his story to you, my brilliant audience, before his book is released. Last month, I was able to ask Dr. Ablin six questions regarding the PSA test in advance of his book release. His answers will shock every one of you yet each response is well documented within his book. For the next 6 days, I will blog one of my questions and his response to that particular question. He did not alter my questions in any way. PLEASE see to it that every man in your life is sent these valuable blogs. Visit again tomorrow-and everyday for the next six days as the PSA test is exposed~DK


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