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What Role Does Diet Play in Treating Systemic Fungal Infections?

Systemic Fungal Infections
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Although the answer seems simple, it is rather complex for this reason; we are all unique. Simply put, we have known for hundreds of years that once inside of us, fungi that cause symptoms and diseases require fuel to travel (metastasize) throughout the body. That fuel is called “carbohydrates,” or sugars. Not necessarily the white powder that we add to our coffee or cereal, but foods that convert to sugar after chewing and swallowing them.

Did you know that the average baked potato contains about a cup of sugar?  Grains become the sugar glucose after they are eaten. SO logically, when trying to starve fungal infections of carbohydrates, potatoes and grains are necessary to avoid. It gets a bit more complex when you factor in that certain foods are very vulnerable to mold (fungal) growth, especially during periods of drought or flooding. Keep in mind that we import some foods from other countries where such weather conditions are quite common. Although our FDA tests foods like corn, wheat (yes, even “whole wheat”) and peanuts for the presence of one cancer causing fungal agent (mycotoxin) called “Aflatoxin,” there are other similarly dangerous mycotoxins that are known to impregnate the human and animal food supply.

We know with certainty that six mycotoxins are possible, probable or known cancer-causing agents, so be vigilant when buying/eating grains or nuts that may be growing molds. These can and do “off-gas” these poisons.  Do we really need grains, high starch foods (potatoes) or peanuts in our diets? The Kaufmann 1 Diet was developed decades ago as a way to starve fungi, while enabling safer good carbs and grain substitutes.  Unlike bacterial and viral infections, fungi must be stopped and starved and that requires medications or supplements and a proper eating plan.

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