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Can Fungi Cause Bacterial Infections?

Can Fungi Cause Bacterial Infections?
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It might be a stretch but consider this.  Our soil is replete with good and bad organisms. Just as there are bad fungi that emit poisonous byproducts into the roots of plants grown is soil, there are also good bacteria and bad bacteria in the soil. A few years ago, a study revealed that soil fungi can awaken slumbering bacteria. Bacteria are living organisms and as such, they must drink and eat. It seems that drought and non-nutritious soils kill bacteria, but scientists now know that fungal root-tails, called hyphae cater to these dying bacteria by delivering both water and food to them.

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At least in the soil, fungi come to the rescue of bacteria in trouble. Might that same chivalry take place inside our human bodies? Do fungi underlie serious or recurring human bacterial infections?  Of course, we now know that two species of Aspergillus fungi make the poisonous “Aflatoxin” mycotoxin that makes AIDS and HPV viruses more virulent.  Could the discovery soon be made that chronic bacterial infections are also made more virulent by fungus?  I believe it will be. In 1994, I met a physician who heard me on my radio show.  After greeting me, he asked, “do you really think fungus causes everything?”  “No, I don’t” I replied.  “THANK GOD” he said.  “Doctor, I don’t think fungus causes everything.  I know it causes everything!” I believe that long after I’m gone, this will be proven.

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