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Antifungal Drug kills Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Pancreatic Cancer
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Until the day I leave this earth, I will continue my research into the fungus link to cancer. There is simply too much evidence to deny of this link and more appears regularly. If you watch my TV show, you may recall a segment I did that confirmed a fungal role to pancreatic cancer. The October 2, 2019, published this;

Fungi accelerate pancreatic cancer

“The impact of fungi on human health is under-studied and underappreciated. One genus of fungus, Malassezia, has now been linked to the progression of pancreatic cancer.”

Exactly how a skin fungus gets into or around the pancreas is subject to debate, but fungi are known to disseminate throughout the human body once inside, so this makes sense. The question isn’t if yeast cells are involved in pancreatic cancer, because they are. The question is whether or not antifungal drugs might kill pancreatic cancer cells (1). A year before Nature published their report, mice were given pancreatic cancer and then the antifungal drug Sporanox (ITZ) was given to them. Indeed, this toenail fungus drug killed the mouse pancreatic cancer cells, leaving these researchers to state,

“we suggest that ITZ may potentially serve as a new chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.” Of course, I believe that cancer and fungus are non-coincidentally linked.

As exciting as these reports are, they, like others before them, may fall on deaf scientific ears. But my goal of getting you this information will not, because you read it. If you or a loved one have cancer, please talk with your doctor about an antifungal program, including antifungal medication, probiotics, and a diet aimed at starving these fungal beasts that thrive on carbohydrates within your diet!


References & Sources

1. Oncol Rep. 2018 Apr;39(4):1573-1582


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