Weight Loss Plateau: What Can I Do?

5 Tips On Avoiding A Weight Loss Plateau


So, you’ve decided it is time to lose some weight. You know where you’re at, and you know were you want to be; your goals are set.


You’ve already made some changes. You’ve switched your diet to the Kaufmann 1 Diet, eliminating grains, sugar, starches, corn, peanuts, processed foods, alcohol and anything with fungus or yeast in it. You’re eating lean, clean meats, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and some limited fruits. And likely, you’re seeing some results, maybe better results than you’ve ever experienced with any other diet. And most importantly, you’re likely feeling better. 


Now, maybe you’re ready to kick it into high gear. Or maybe you’ve hit a weight loss plateau. Maybe you’re focused, doing well, not letting minor setbacks set you back, nor are you obsessing over perfection, but you really want to maximize what you’re doing to see some results. After all, there is no better weight loss motivation than seeing that what you’re doing is working. There are a couple strategies and supplements you can include in your regimen that will really turn the Kaufmann 1 Diet into a fat burning diet. 


5 Strategies for Maximizing Weight Loss and Avoiding A Weight Loss Plateau


1. Exercise on an empty stomach.

Some people fuel up before a workout. But instead, perhaps, try exercising on an empty stomach. This may help your body burn excess fat as fuel. Quickly follow up your workout with a high protein meal to help replenish your muscles. 


2. Eat one table spoon of healthy fat 20-30 minutes before your workout. 

Even though this isn’t enough calories to count as a meal, this strategy certainly strikes against strategy number one. However, taking just one tablespoon of something like olive oil or coconut oil can help get your metabolism going before a workout. 


3. Try the supplements L-Carnitine, Chromium Picolinate  and Conjugated Linoleic Acid. 

L-Carnitine is an amino acid; try taking it 30 minutes before a workout. It helps move fat molecules into the mitochondria of cells to process as fuel. It simply helps your body process fat the way it naturally would. Chromium Picolinate helps control blood sugar and may help you resist cravings for foods not on your diet. CLA is a great nutrient that aids in burning fat––particularly belly fat. It is a fatty acid present in grass fed beef, but also available in supplement form. 


4. Try the “6 small meals instead of 3 big meals” strategy. 

This is a favorite of a lot of folks in training, and the thought is that a steady supply of food instead of large gaps in between meals is better for metabolism function. It takes some planning, but if you have your diet down and want to maximize your weight loss, this strategy may be worth the effort. 


5. Find an exercise that feels more like fun that exercise. 

When you were young, exercise wasn’t called exercise; it was called football. Or riding your bike. Or having fun. Find something enjoyable, not something you dread or that feels like a chore. This is better for your overall well being, and you’ll be more likely to continue doing it. 








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