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Natural Energy Boosters

5 Tips To Boost Energy
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In our world, energy likely holds as much value as currency. It’s something that is always in demand, but seemingly always in short supply. This is evidenced by the mountains of energy drinks and supplements available at every convenience store on every corner in America.


You may find that after starting a Kaufmann 1 Diet, you’ve got more energy than you’ve experienced in a long time. You’re giving your body what it really needs in terms of nutrition––foods that are natural energy boosters, all while ridding it of pathogenic fungi that could have been inducing the lethargy, malaise or brain fog you’d suffered from for so long. But there still may be that struggle getting through the day. Our modern lifestyles are stressful, hectic and can take a toll. Being smart about supporting your body is key to maintaining health and vigor in the modern age. Below are a few tips that may, in addition to switching to the Kaufmann 1 Diet, help you boost energy and feel more vigorous throughout the day. 


Eat Fat. 

Fat is high in calories, which is energy from food. Fat doesn’t burn up as quickly as sugar and carbohydrates though, which can leave you with an energy “crash”. Including healthy fats in all your meals––fats from avocado, olive oil, salmon, coconut, walnuts, etc.––can help your metabolism stay steady and provide sustained energy throughout the day. All of these are Kaufmann 1-friendly items, as well. 



It may seem counterintuitive that exerting oneself leads to having more energy, but this is true. Exercising boosts metabolism and is the antidote to lethargy. It may take a while to get into a routine or work it in to your schedule, but finding an activity you enjoy––be it biking, hiking, swimming, working out or whatever it is that gets you moving––will go a long way towards providing you with energy throughout the day. 


Spread your meals out throughout the day. 

Eating more small meals throughout the day instead of a couple big meals helps keep your metabolism revving and your energy high. It can also help prevent you from reaching for less than healthy food.


Avoid Caffeine. 

Many people may consider themselves dependent on their coffee for a morning jolt, but caffeine can rob you of energy in the long run. In addition to the infamous caffeine crash, lots of caffeine over a long period can be a cause adrenal fatigue, which leaves one feeling tired and lethargic. Other caffeinated beverages also come with a host of other ingredients of questionable health benefit, like sugar, food additives and other chemicals. Plus, caffeine can interfere with sleep, which in turn robs energy, as well. Avoid the stimulant energy boosters as much as you can.


Try a few supplements.

If you’re doing everything right and still feel like you could use a little boost, try some different supplements, such as rhodiola, B vitamins, or Coenzyme Q10, which are all safe, effective natural energy boosters. While reaching for supplements shouldn’t be your number one strategy, in tandem with the right diet, exercise and rest, these might just be the extra boost you need to feel great throughout the day.




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