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The 80% Rule & The Kaufmann Diet

80 percent Rule
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Can You Partially Commit To The Kaufmann Diet?

If you spend enough time listening to trainers, health coaches, or nutrition gurus, you have likely heard some of them talk about the 80% rule. The 80% rule is an idea that if you can stick to your diet 80% of the time, it is likely that you can achieve your health goals. This leaves some leeway for enjoying foods you like to enjoy, or accounts for times when you aren’t fully in control of what foods you have around you.

This is seemingly practical advice in a world where real-life scenarios do not always facilitate health ideals, which can often be unrealistic or outright unattainable. Realistically, it is very rare for someone to stick to a diet without fail, 100% of the time. Even the most determined people get hungry and cave sometimes. 

However, many of the people who find Know the Cause are often suffering from health problems they have been unable to rectify for many years, be it unwanted weight, certain diseases, or symptoms which have eluded any real diagnosis despite years of doctor’s visits. When they find Know the Cause, the idea that fungi or yeast problems, fueled by diet and lifestyle factors, turns a light on, and after a period of time on the diet, many people find relief from symptoms that have plagued them for years. 

The Kaufmann Diet is unlike most diets in that its goal is merely to fight pathogenic yeasts and fungi within the body––that is it! The goal is not weight loss, resolution of health problems, or alleviation from symptoms; the goal is simply to eliminate pathogenic yeasts and fungi and mitigate exposure to mycotoxins, which are common in the diet according to some research. Interestingly, though, when people stick to a diet that eliminates pathogenic yeasts and fungi, they often experience relief from symptoms, sometimes for the first time in years. 

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

The results, however, are not achieved by sticking to the diet 80% of the time, particularly in the beginning. Yeasts and fungal problems can be difficult to eliminate, and if they are getting the necessary nutrients for their survival, eliminating them will be far more difficult. This means, it really is important to eliminate foods like grains, sugar, and foods high in starch or simple carbohydrates. 

This is why, initially, you are asked to stick to the most restrictive Kaufmann One Diet for at least 4-6 weeks, and asses how you feel. This includes a unilateral approach of dietary change and anti-fungal supplementation. Ideally, it would also include getting plenty of sleep each night, stress reduction techniques, and a sensible exercise regimen. After that initial period, you will likely find yourself feeling better than you have in years. 

Following that initial period, is not necessary to stick to The Kaufmann One Diet, although many people do. If you have found relief and want to begin to include a broader palate of health foods, you are encouraged to stick as close to the less restrictive Kaufmann Two Diet as closely as possible. 

If at any point symptoms should return, however, you are encouraged to return to The Kaufmann One Diet. This scenario might be a good clue about what the cause of your health problems were in the first place. 

Certainly, no one sticks to a diet with 100% perfection, but when you begin to experience the relief from health problem many people have found by switching to The Kaufmann Diet, it becomes much easier to make choices that facilitate great health. 

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